The Original Unsolved Mysteries

Original Unsolved Mysteries

Long before audiences were creeped out by the opening music of NBC’s Unsolved Mysteries listeners all over America tuned in to hear Unsolved Mysteries.
The answer is simple but little known…the Unsolved Mysteries that most people are familiar with first hit the television air-waves in 1987 was not the first Unsolved Mysteries. Back in the late 1930’s Stanley Peyton hosted a 15 minute weekly radio show called Unsolved Mysteries. The show was much like its later incarnation in that it featured recreations of alleged actual events. Also, like the 1980’s TV show, the radio show explored every avenue of weirdness from Lizzie Borden to Zombies to the Atlanteans living in Mount Shasta.

Listen and Download

For those lovers of weirdness you can listen to an episode here entitled The Unconscious Crime.

For even bigger lovers of weirdness you can download and listen to all surviving 27 episodes by downloading them here.

27 Episodes


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