The Gas-filled, Gun-toting Ghost

In a world of guns and ghosts there are many who would argue that both are as frightening as either. Yet, in one instance in Stockton California there was a ghost, seemingly fed up with neighborhood taunters, who threatened to shoot anyone who came near. While taking in this tale please remember the frightened neighbors who brought guns to the location in order to…to do what? Kill the ghost? None of the story makes any sense as much as any other part of it.

It was the second week of April, 1899 and the neighbors who were located around a house in Stockton California on Myrtle Avenue, had finally reached their breaking point. For a number of days not only had the property been noisy with construction, two excavations were occurring near the rear of the home, but there had also been the disconcerting appearance of a ghost.

Some of the neighbors are much frightened, and threaten to move out of their houses if the mystery continues. – April 12, 1899

Nightly the mysterious entity would rise from a cesspool near one of the excavation areas, would swell in size to eight feet in diameter and strike terror into the citizens of the community. The neighbors organized armed watch groups to try and seize or destroy the gassy ghost but always to no avail.  On the night of April 12th thirty armed men and boys surround the property and stayed watch long into the night.

Upon the creature’s first appearance some local boys threw rocks hoping to hit the ghost but the rocks torn harmlessly through the entity. When the boys started to throw their rocks at the house the being vanished. Around 10 pm the creature returned, this time from the other excavation site located nearby the cesspool. As some of the men jumped up and ran toward the ghost a voice was heard from the pit saying, “Don’t come any nearer or I’ll shoot”.

That’s right, the gassy ghost had a gun.
Ghost with a gun

Some of the men left the site, not wanting to be shot, and near Midnight the creature was seen rising once again by those who remained.

The solution to the mystery, as put forward by those not believing in such strange and curious things was a simple one.

“The ghost always appears from one or the other of the cess pools. These pools are connected by pipes with the house, and also with the ruins of a burned house nearby. The mysterious apparition appears as a white puff of smoke or vapor, or like a lace curtain dropped from a second story window. It would be reasonable, therefore, to suppose that the creator of the ghost conceals himself in either the house or the ruins, and by forcing a puff of smoke through the sewer pipes, forms the apparition. By speaking Into the pipe the voice would appear to come from the cess pool, and would have a hollow sound.”

Neighbors to the location said that a murder once took place on the spot where the white form appeared, and that it is the ghost of the man which is disturbing the neighborhood. Another story has it that someone is trying to bring down the price of property for the purpose of purchasing it.

Eventually the stories and sightings vanished as strangely as the ghost had appeared and life resumed as normal. Thankfully, no one was shot or harmed by the ghost …and the ghost wasn’t shot by anyone either.

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