• Shut up
    Conspiracies,  Thought Seeds

    Conspiracies – Shut your mouth for a minute

    Almost two decades ago I decided to take the leap into politics and run for Mayor of my hometown. I had made an earlier effort at the age of eighteen but that attempt was driven more by the energy of youth than an actual hope that I could affect change in my community. The year of my second and more serious attempt was 2000. As a person who was well-known through my community because of my lectures on paranormal/occult phenomena and conspiracy theories the campaign was sometimes a bit hyperbolic in nature. Alas, when the final votes had been counted I was not elected and I returned to my “normal”…

  • A Primer
    Ghosts and Hauntings,  Thought Seeds

    Phantological Investigation: A Quick Primer

    For Halloween I’ve jotted down a few notes for those of you that are interested in “ghost hunting” and perhaps have never had the opportunity. First and most importantly, have fun and be safe.The following is a quick and easy starters guide to investigations. As with any research there must be a followed method or procedure this is true as well in phantological investigations. The following tips and tricks should guarantee at least an enjoyable time. CLOTHING Always wear the appropriate clothing for whatever weather circumstances you may encounter. Be sure that jewelry is not loose and is not apt to jingle or rattle. If possible try and have two…