• Fragile Locations

    Did you ever see that? Transient Environment Phenomena

    How often do you drive the same route to work or home? How long have you lived in a certain location? Now, have you, after all that time, over months, years, even decades ever noticed a structure that you’ve never noticed before? Every year I am confronted by dozens upon dozens of individuals who swear buildings are appearing and vanishing seemingly overnight. An empty street corner sudden has become home to a fully functioning drive-thru bank or grocery store. A home, by the side of the road, that has be vacant for years suddenly isn’t there. Now, it would be easy to say that the house was demolished or that…

  • Updates

    A new home

    Rebuilding the site. After many years of hosting this site on various different platforms I am proud to announce the new home for Weird Lectures at weirdlectures.com. I will be rebuilding and updating this site over the next few months and hopefully it will become a repository for all the news, articles, and thoughts I feel are worth sharing. Thanks for everyone’s support and I look forward to many years of exploring our weird world together. John