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    Sucker Money: An Exposé of the Psychic Racket, but not really

    In 1933 film producer and original “shockumentarian” Willis Kent set his eyes on exposing what he saw as the phoney racket of psychics. Earlier in his career Kent had made a name for himself by producing the film “The Pace that Kills” a little film about dope, heroin, cocaine addiction and prostitution. His later films would be about things…even worse. The Psychic Racket Sucker Money, happily is a short little jaunt into what Willis saw as the grifty world of phony-bologna psychics. The film is billed as an “Expose of the Psychic Racket” but in reality is just a 60 minutes or horrible acting. In the movie the psychic Swami…

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    Your Future, For Pennies! Old Tyme Psychic Ads

    Throughout history there have been those self-alleged wonder-workers who proclaim unto themselves the gifts of precognition, telepathy, clairvoyance, etc. The most well known of these are, of course, still spoken of but many of have fallen to the wayside of history either being exposed as frauds or simply vanishing into the ether from which they proclaimed their powers had been derived from. Can someone divine the future or unknown facts simply by reading an unseen energy stream which contains all information? Or are these strange messages brought by spirit beings who exist in some ethereal and timeless world? I don’t know. What I do know is that a great many…

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    Discernible Brains

    Brains. What big wonderfully strange lumps of goo. Brains are, for sure, filled with things like chemicals and electric sparks but there is only consensus among those scientists who study brains that thoughts are located inside of it, and even some of those scientists disagree. I’m not here to debate whether thoughts, consciousness, etc. exist solely as chemical reactions, at least not today. I am here to examine how thoughts would interact with the world of the supernatural if those thoughts are not simply signal transduction mechanisms within that gelatinous gland in our head. The most common form of “supernatural” communication, which is practiced cross-culturally around the world, is prayer.…