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    Top Ten Best Worst Hate Mail: Ghost Stalkers

    Anyone who knows me knows I love hearing ideas. I love constructing and exchanging ideas with everyone since I honestly believe it is only together that we will advance as a global family. I do find it fascinating how much time and energy people put into hating things. I don’t hate anything. I don’t have the time to hate and would much rather find where we agree and communicate from that point forward. Unfortunately, some people love to hate. Here is a collection of recent “Hate Mail” I’ve received since the first airing of Ghost Stalkers. I haven’t censored the language so I apologize if your find it inappropriate. Enjoy…

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    Ghost Stalkers: Beyond the Show

    I try to be an advocate of people having as much information as possible. With that said here are some notes, thoughts and behind the scenes information about every episode of Ghost Stalkers. Episode One: Whispers Estate What you didn’t see on the episode. Chad and I always do a daytime investigation. None of this was shown. We spent a significant amount of time in the house during the day and seemed to have some interaction with friendly energies. Most of the night investigations. Chad and I are in the house all night. What you see on TV is only the most interesting parts of the night investigations. Chad and…