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    Broken But Useful

    Over the years I’ve experimented with countless and seemingly endless ways to “capture” sounds and voices which in someway might be created in “another” realm. EVP and ITC experiments have and will be conducted by thousands of people around the world everyday and have been ongoing since the creation of devices able to capture sound. Although I think that what is commonly called “EVP” is in fact a multitude of various perhaps related phenomena, (Read this link), I have ideas that it is in our best interest as a community to not only try new experiments but even break some of our equipment and ideas in order to do so.…

  • Ghosts and Hauntings

    Gone Yesterday Hear Today. EVP?

    For those researching anomalistic/paranormal phenomena one thing is certain, there is not a lot of certainty. The inherent problems with researching that which is “unknown” is that we are very limited in what we do “know” and how directly related what is “known” to the “unknown” we research. Whew. The Quest Do digital cameras have a better chance at revealing “ghostly” manifestations or are film cameras the better option? Does analog audio tape more adequately reproduce the voices of the unseen world due to its influence-ability by electromagnetic fields or are the chip-sets in digital recorders more sensitive to the “spirit” world? Questions like these, and others like them, I…