• The Worst Paranormal Investigators : A Cautionary Tale
    6:30 PM

    The “paranormal” community, like any other loosely-knit community, has its unique difficulties. One of the biggest obstacles researchers face is information/data which is poorly researched, lazily investigated, and or sometimes outright faked. If something is seen which is unarguably fake it is of the utmost importance that it be exposed. Allowing fakery to continue not

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  • Weirdo
    8:05 PM

    I don’t remember the first time I was called a “Weirdo” but that’s probably because I was too busy protecting my body from a flurry of flying fists. Stick and stones may break my bones but names? …well, as a society we’ve actually started to realize that names can hurt you too. Yet, the name

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  • Four Old-New Ideas for Paranormal Investigations
    6:16 PM

    Over the years I’ve watched as some methods and ideas regarding the investigation of “paranormal” phenomena have risen to the top of the list while others have fallen by the wayside. A lot of the techniques employed by ghost hunters have, without a doubt, been inspired by reality television shows. There are endless experiments and

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  • The St. Louis Witch Murder
    8:09 PM

    Many people believe that women being murdered for being a “witch” ended once the Salem Witchcraft Trials were over. Unfortunately, it did not and it still goes on around the world to this day. This is only one of those tragic stories. 1911 As the month of May came to a close in 1911 so

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  • The Q Files – Ultra Q
    11:03 PM

    No one could have predicted that The X-Files would have become such an ingrained part of our culture. Scary monsters, conspiracies and the evenly-paired duo of Mulder and Scully opened the locked recesses of our imaginations and turned a generation of viewers into “I-Want-To-Believers.” As new as The X-Files seemed, at the time of its

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  • The State of the Unusual 2018
    8:13 PM

    Friends, My Patrons, Cryptozoologists, Ufologists, Phantologists, Ghost hunters, Aliens, Interdimensional Time Travelers, Cattle Mutilators, Illuminati Members, Taco Belluminati Members, Sea Beasts, Relic Humanoids, Relic Pizza Noids and Fellow Weirdos. We are closing in on twenty years into this new century. Eighteen years beyond the predicted horrors of Y2K. Eight years since a dog named Scooby

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  • Flying Saucers are real …again.
    6:22 AM

    I’ll try not to be too long-winded about this. I’ll save the in-depth, speculation and exchange for face-to-face encounters so you’ve been warned. I will discuss this with you… should we meet and you ask. Here’s the briefest of recaps just to catch you up. On Saturday, December 16th The New York Times revealed that

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  • Conspiracies – Shut your mouth for a minute
    11:07 PM

    Almost two decades ago I decided to take the leap into politics and run for Mayor of my hometown. I had made an earlier effort at the age of eighteen but that attempt was driven more by the energy of youth than an actual hope that I could affect change in my community. The year

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  • Old Time Halloween Games for Finding a Lover
    11:10 PM

    Halloween is, of course, filled with bats, spiders and ghosts but it’s also filled with opportunity to find love. Most Halloween parties, of the more turn-of-the-century variety, were simply excuses for men to touch women’s arms or for women to fondle a man’s mustache, how profane. These aspects of the Halloween season have been mostly

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  • The Glow-in-the-dark Werewolf… maybe
    11:14 PM

    The cold December nights of 1913 seem filled with a strange creature which only served to chill the blood of citizens in the Bronx more than usual. Some newspaper accounts labelled the creature a “Werewolf” and parents were told, by police, to keep a watchful eye on their children. As if a werewolf roaming the

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