New Ghostbusters just another old Ghost Breaker

Being that I was never a fan of the original Ghostbusters I still thought I should throw my two-cents into the ever-growing nonsense about the upcoming reboot.

The-GhostbreakerAs everyone cries about the tainting of their childhood due to the release of the new Ghostbusters movie I can only help but wonder how many ghosts from the 1900’s are shaking their head screaming, “THEY’RE REMAKING THE GHOST BREAKER AGAIN!”

That’s right I said it, The Ghost Breaker. In 1909 Paul Dickey and Charles Goddard wrote The Ghost Breaker, a play that would become the basis for an uncountable amount of paranormal movies most of which don’t even know they are ripping off a stage play from the early 1900’s. The original play was turned into a film which was remade 8 years later…
then remade 18 years later…
and then was remade 13 years later…
which led to TV shows, more films and now the remake of Ghostbusters.

The Ghost Breaker was a horror comedy filled with action, adventure, ghosts and of course a haunted house, actually a haunted castle but you get the point.

The Original Films

The two original movie versions, one from 1914 and one from 1922, are presumed lost. Luckily we still have the script from the original stage play. Which I’ve included HERE. The movie expanded on the play invarious different ways including a sub-plot of the tales hero being attacked by Clansmen and a wild adventure on an ocean liner. Perhaps it’s better that we cannot see the African-american butler being played in black-face but read the original script knowing full well that it is filled with the language and attitudes carried by writers in the early 1900’s.Ghost Breaker

So, before you get all worked up that someone is destroying that which you hold so close, remember, time passes, things change, everything gets reworked, rebooted and the most common ideas are exactly that…common. It’s just how things are and there is nothing to be afraid of.

Or as Ray Parker Jr. said in 1984,
“I ain’t afraid of no ghosts”
or as Warren Jarvis said in 1909,
“No, I’m not afraid of ghosts.

By the way, why not go and see the new Ghostbusters? People have been seeing it in one form or another for over a hundred years.

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  1. Shannon C.

    I love your take on movie remakes. Seems these days more movies than not are a reboot & often not the first.

    Movies are supposed to be fun escapism from the daily grind. Just enjoy the experience of a new version of an old story.

    Thanks. ; o )


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