Investor Introduction Agreement

Some investors may choose to hold on to the deal, but others may use this revelation as an excuse to get out. 1. Investor. “Registered” investors, i.e. the investors that The Consultant will present to the client, are named and indicated by separate cover letters, and these letters are governed by these letters and included in the terms of that agreement, as if they were included in this contract. Timing is crucial. If you do not have a clear contractual right to the fees before proceeding with the introduction – or at least a signed confidentiality and circumvention agreement – you can only count on the goodwill of the parties to pay you a tax. If you do it wrong, your investors could take their money back. Worse, your business could be prevented from funding everyone. Here`s why. Obviously, a discoverer expects to be compensated for looking for your money. An agreement between a company and a Finder dealing with this compensation (and other matters) is (of) the “research agreement.” If a discoverer is not authorized as a broker-dealer under U.S. and government securities laws, a research contract could be illegal and unenforceable.

If you don`t have an introductory fee contract yet, you can buy our introductory fee contract here. In addition, the compensation you have agreed to is payable in the event that a registered investor, partner, co-investor or other entity purchased by a “registered” investor invests in funds or advances funds to the client`s project and/or business. All are defined as “investors.” It doesn`t look so bad. In fact, it may sound like a lot – the start-up gets to keep investors` money, but doesn`t it have to pay the finder? That`s cute! Many securities laws, both nationally and federally, give investors the right to recoup their investments if a person who sold the investments has materially misled investors or omitted information that makes the information provided materially misleading. An investor could argue that both the finder and the issuer misled the investor by not informing the investor of the protective measures that the granting of brokerage-dealer licences is supposed to offer and by not omitting the fact that the finder is not authorized. Unless your commission contract expressly states that the additional VAT is levied, the legal interpretation in English law will generally consist in ensuring that any tax you indicate includes VAT. This may mean that if you are subject to VAT, you have these costs (currently 20%) Each party may terminate this contract under the following circumstances: If you already have a draft research agreement and would like to better understand and see if it contains non-standard clauses, you can have it checked quickly with LawGeex.