Get Well Soon – Lipenstick’s Ghost

In 1922, after seven years of ghostly experiences, the owners of a property made a grisly discovery. Carl Logies, who had only owned the farm less than a year had heard stories surrounding his property before he bought it. He thought, at first, that the myths and legends about a ghost had only been stories the locals told to each other on cold winter nights. Soon after purchasing the property he realized the stories were real.

At night Logies would see a “a white, wraith-like figure” walking around the property. During certain instances Logies would arm himself with a shotgun and follow the figure which always seemed to vanish when it neared the area of an old well. Finally determined to figure out what was going on Logies decided to clean out the old well, which had been filled with field stones. After digging less than 20 feet down inside the well Logies discovered a shoe… with a man’s foot inside of it. He called the police and when the well had been thoroughly cleaned out the body of Henry Lipenstick was discovered.

But who and why?

Lipenstick had been a farm hand who had mysteriously vanished seven years earlier just about the time the hauntings had started. The sheriff and his deputies suspected murder and placed Frank Lerman, the former owner of the property, under arrest.

Days after the discovery of the body, and a proper burial, the ghost was no longer seen.

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