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“It is the healthy skepticism, kindly disposition and boundless knowledge which he has that this world of strangeness needs most”

– John Keel, Researcher

Booking a Lecture or Event Appearance

If you would like to book a lecture, schedule an interview, have an event that needs a dynamic host, or are just interested in more information you can email

John E.L. Tenney has been actively involved in the field of anomalistic, paranormal, conspiratorial and occult research since the mid 1980’s and has lectured on strange phenomena and folklore since 1990. His open skepticism of odd phenomena has gained him respect from both believers and skeptics.

Everyone is encouraged to schedule, host or attend one of these fascinating lectures. One of the goals of these lecture/discussion groups is to provide insight to those people who have an interest in these fields so that we might create a more well informed community of the generally interested. The sharing/construction of knowledge is a prime goal held by Mr. Tenney. Lectures can include, (if requested) a slide show and/or an audio portion and giveaways, these options create a fun and startling lecture for all! Every lecture is unique and only performed once!

John’s panels at national comic book/pop culture/horror conventions are always packed out and provide your guests with fun, insightful and sometimes frightful experiences that will last long after the event is over.

These are just some of the lectures that are available

We’re going UFOing

In 1947, when a newspaper reporter inaccurately described Kenneth Arnold’s UFO sighting as “Flying Saucers” the UFO era sprang to life, but the phenomena of Unidentified Flying Objects can be traced back to the very beginnings of human history. From the most ancient texts, which describe flying vehicles to the most recent UFO reports at Chicago’s O’Hare Airport, this lecture looks at the collected evidence to discover if we really are alone in the universe.*

Our Weirdo-Filled World

Do alien reptiles working with inter-dimensional Bigfoot creatures live inside the earth and control politicians with mind-control rays? Are ghosts actually time-travelers from Earth’s future who are fighting a multi-galactic federation of UFOnauts bent on enslaving the world’s dogs and cats? Why would aliens travel across the universe just to hand out pancakes to a farmer in Wisconsin? Is it possible to read someone’s thoughts and control what they say and do? Our world is filled with weird and sometimes unexplainable experiences…can any of them be true? Find out…if you dare

Our Spooky-Kooky World

With the rise of “spiritualism” in the 1800?s the world moved into acceptance of an existence after death. Since that time millions of reports have made ghosts and hauntings a part of our day-to-day life. Is there credible evidence inside of the massive amount of reporting on this widely accepted phenomena? How/Why do people become “ghost-hunters”? Why, if there is so much evidence to the reality of these phenomena do scientists reject the findings and consider it a “far-fringe” belief? The choice is one each has to make for him/herself. See photographic evidence, hear strange voices in this startling and sometimes frightening lecture. *

You are Controlled!

Does a small group of individuals control our world? If so how have they remained a secret? Who are The Freemasons, Illuminati, The Bilderberg Group and why do they work to remain unseen? Where is it that hundreds of US leaders of industry and politics go every summer to dress in robes and sing to a giant owl? Why do so many people believe that there was a conspiracy in the murder of President John F. Kennedy? Did we fake landing on the Moon? Is the moon actually a spaceship? Do UFO’s come from inside the Earth? Learn what drives the belief in these theories and others like them.*

Meet The Monsters

Bigfoot, Nessie, The Yeti, The Jersey Devil, Chupacabras, Giant Cats, and the “Whattisit” are only a handful of the strange and unexplained creatures that may inhabit the Earth along with us. Could our tiny planet actually contain all of these weird modern-day monsters without us knowing? Why is it so hard to believe that these creatures exist when new species of life are discovered every year? Data, research and eyewitness accounts are discussed in this controversial lecture.*

Facing The Final Curtain

When is the “End of the world”? Millions of people worldwide believe that we live during Earth’s final days. What are the beliefs and motivations that drive the desire to witness the destruction of humankind? What, where and why have these stories continued and spread through every culture and society? Most importantly…when will the world end? A lecture not for the faint of heart.*

Life After Death

At the age of eighteen John had what is commonly called a Near-Death-Experience. This incident transformed his view of the world and heightened his perceptions of our seemingly shared reality. What does science say about the experiences which have been reported by numerous individuals around the world who receive a second chance in life? This humorous and inspirational lecture is filled with information taken from the most recent scientific literature as well as insights into the nature of what it’s like to be someone who has crossed the line between the living and the dead.

The Skeptical Skeptic

In our modern day world, wherein a great number of Earth’s inhabitants have access to current information, technology and the ability to converse with scientifically minded individuals, why do the ideas and beliefs in a supernatural world persist? How can rational thinking and skepticism move greater numbers of individuals toward a less convoluted way of understanding what seems to be our currently shared reality? By what means can an insightful dialogue be created to bridge the gap between skeptics and believers. Should skepticism even try and continue to increase its roll in the conversations happening between those who believe in supernatural phenomena? With every new scientific discovery, with every experiment that deepens our understanding of the mechanisms of the Universe, there are still those unwilling to re-pattern their ways of thinking. Rational, critical and skeptical thinking is undoubtedly a necessary component to investigating our world but what steps can be made to access the seemingly close-minds of those who refuse to accept change.

Weirder than Fiction

Eight of the top ten grossing films in history are based on either aliens, superheros or the supernatural. Our society thrives on startling and adventurous tales of the strange and seemingly impossible. With an ever growing fascination of the unusual millions of people are still unaware of just how much weirder reality is than the ideas seen in films, on television and read in comic books and popular fiction. Are there “real” superheros? Are monsters real? Is our world actually filled with supernatural creatures and visitors from space? All of these questions and more are addressed in this popular and crowd-pleasing lecture. Perfect for comic book conventions and pop culture events.

Michigan’s UFO Phenomena

Michigan has played host to some of the greatest UFO mysteries in recent history. The 1950?s disappearance of a US fighter-jet which vanished chasing a UFO over Lake Superior, The “Swamp Gas” incident in 1966, Contactees, and even the Paulding Light are but a few of the strange aerial incidents that are touched upon in this lecture.*

Michigan’s Haunted History

Where are the Top Ten Most Haunted Places in Michigan? Do you live near a known source of “Supernatural Phenomena”? Why do “ghost-hunters” from all over the world come to Michigan? How can you find out if your house is haunted? What if your house is haunted…is there anything you can do? Why do 78% of Americans believe in ghosts and hauntings? A perfect lecture for Halloween!

Hosting or Moderating your Event or Panel

The two biggest shared fears in the world are Public Speaking and Death, in that order. As a veteran of public speaking and also as a person who has died John E.L. Tenney has no fear when it comes to entertaining your crowd or moderating a panel of guests at your event. Insightful, engaging and knowledgeable on topics ranging from the paranormal to punk rock, comic books to conspiracies, horror movies to magic and all things in between John is a pop-culture polymath who turns any event into a memorable experience.

Research for you project

In this world of need for fresh media projects it can be difficult finding the time for original research for your project. If your television show, film or book needs information that sets it above the competition then why not tap Mr. Tenney’s endless wealth of strange and fascinating information. Gathered over three decades of on-the-ground- research Mr. Tenney’s vast repository of “the weird” has been used in numerous television shows, books and movies.

Price of a Lecture:
The charge for a lecture is based upon travel time/expenses and materials.
We will work within your budget.
Elementary/Middle/High Schools
If you are a teacher at a elementary/middle or high school you can request a lecture at NO CHARGE! A brief worksheet can be given out before the lecture and collected at the end. Lectures are suitable for Grades 4th thru 12th

* Lectures can include an audio/visual presentation as well as the lecture.

Requesting an investigation

If you believe you are experiencing paranormal phenomena feel free to request an investigation. There is no charge but due to the amount of requests that are received, and the amount of research that is involved, it can sometimes be 2-3 months before an “on-site” investigation can take place.

Requesting an investigation is a 3-step process:
1. Initial contact via phone or email. This will also encompass a questionnaire about the experiences and the people involved.
2. Personal interview. This interview will take place with the requester at a mutually chosen location and will not take place at the site of the alleged phenomena.
3. Historical, regional and property research. All aspects of the experience will be thoroughly researched and investigated before any investigation takes place “on-site”

If, after these 3 protocols have been executed, there is still a desire to have an on-site investigation then one will be scheduled.

Investigations are conducted with the highest level of respect for all persons involved and at no time is private or personal information released into the public forum. If, after the investigation, the parties involved agree to release information then release forms will be signed by all parties and results will be made accessible in the public arena.

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