• The End of Doomsday
    12:29 PM

    Welcome to Doomsday. Back in the 1990’s one of my most popular and often requested lectures was on the topic of Doomsday or “End of the World” scenarios. Obviously, as we inched closer to the year 2000 anxiety was running

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  • The Worst Paranormal Investigators : A Cautionary Tale
    12:16 PM

    The “paranormal” community, like any other loosely-knit community, has its unique difficulties. One of the biggest obstacles researchers face is information/data which is poorly researched, lazily investigated, and or sometimes outright faked. If something is seen which is unarguably fake

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  • Look at This!
    11:40 AM

    “Do you want to see a photo of my grandmother’s ghost?” “Do you want to see a photo proving the existence of Bigfoot?” “Do you want to see absolute evidence of real UFOs and aliens?” These questions, and ones like

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