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  • wrongness
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    The Wrongness of the Wrong

    As a person who has spoken and written about conspiracy theories for almost three decades I must now return once again to a topic which, it seems, sets me apart from the “louder” mouths who, it appears, do something similar to what I do. What I do Throughout the years I have never sought to convince anyone of any conspiracy. I have felt it more important to educate people to the wide range of ideas which in many instances include those which seem insane, outrageous, and sometimes scary. But, I have never implied that you should believe in any of them. History is fluid, it changes according to who is…

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    If Everything That Is Living Is Alive

    Life is a precious transient mysterious wonderful experience. Anything that is alive is living and any thing living will relatively soon die. Oddly, and so far as we currently know, the seemingly endless variety of physical forms which hold life within them are in a constant state of losing the life which inhabit them. There seems to be no way of returning life to a vessel which has lost it. Each individual specimen of life is unique to the cosmos; once it is gone it can never be replaced. From tree to bacterium to non-human animal to human animal — the uniqueness and importance of each living being is not…

  • emergents
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    You were made by us? Emergents

    Emergents:From the Latin Emergere meaning “to bring forth,” “come forth,” “arise out of” Lacking proper definitions and words in paranormal research has always been a hindrance to the investigators and generally interested masses. Words like “ghost”, “poltergeist”, and “apparition” are commonly used but usually only due to the lack of better descriptors. As researchers who claim to encounter entities or situations it would be of great benefit for the community to start compiling a comprehensive list of terms and their meanings and in some cases create new and more helpful words where none exist. Creating new things… and words The words “tulpa”, “tulku”, “sprul-pa” and even “egregore” are used in…

  • broken radios
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    Broken But Useful

    Over the years I’ve experimented with countless and seemingly endless ways to “capture” sounds and voices which in someway might be created in “another” realm. EVP and ITC experiments have and will be conducted by thousands of people around the world everyday and have been ongoing since the creation of devices able to capture sound. Although I think that what is commonly called “EVP” is in fact a multitude of various perhaps related phenomena, (Read this link), I have ideas that it is in our best interest as a community to not only try new experiments but even break some of our equipment and ideas in order to do so.…

  • Most Haunted
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    The World’s Most Haunted Location

    I am very frequently asked by people, “Where is the most haunted place in the world?” My answer is always the same, “If any place is haunted, it’s the Earth.” Now, although many people think that I am trying to be funny, which I am, I am also being serious. So, let’s try a little thought experiment. If ghosts are what people generally believe them to be, (the remaining energy/consciousness of a human being who has died), then each person could potentially become a ghost when they pass out of this realm. I’m bad with math but I can make this easy on myself and you…so hold on. Since human…

  • Modern Magic
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    The State of Modern Magic: Occult Systems & Applications

    It’s more than common for people these days to speak of magic and want to practice magic and almost always they are convinced that they need to burn candles at midnight, with crystals awash in the river water cleared by a full moon. Which is fine. Ha-ha, but practical magic which is practiced everyday and in a far more subversive way, to me is much more interesting. One of the main difficulties in discussing magic and already I have to clarify that I’m not speaking about prestidigitation, slight of hand, stage magic but the more traditional idea of magic as in spell-casting is that as ideas evolve and as our…

  • Brains
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    Discernible Brains

    Brains. What big wonderfully strange lumps of goo. Brains are, for sure, filled with things like chemicals and electric sparks but there is only consensus among those scientists who study brains that thoughts are located inside of it, and even some of those scientists disagree. I’m not here to debate whether thoughts, consciousness, etc. exist solely as chemical reactions, at least not today. I am here to examine how thoughts would interact with the world of the supernatural if those thoughts are not simply signal transduction mechanisms within that gelatinous gland in our head. The most common form of “supernatural” communication, which is practiced cross-culturally around the world, is prayer.…

  • Demons for Believers
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    Demons for Believers: The Demon of Judgement

    This article is for everyone but written specifically to be read by those who, mostly because of popular media, now believe in demons. Many years ago I had the pleasure of chatting with theologian and former Jesuit Fr. Malachi Martin. We discussed his history working with the Vatican’s Biblical Institute, conspiracy theories surrounding the Vatican, and of course exorcisms. A warm and open conversation was had about topics which, at the time, almost 20 years ago now, the general public would, I believe, have found unbelievable. Now, due to the influence of reality TV and the extreme over-exposure of so-called “demonic forces” by popular films and books the concepts of…

  • in your head
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    It’s All In Your Head

    Sometimes I just have to get an idea out and this is one I’ve talked about at lectures for years and still have never really seen anyone else talk about it. When discussing “ghosts” I often hear people say, “It’s all in your head” to which I respond, “Right! Everything is in my head!”So let’s get on with it shall we? Millions of people, for thousands of years, have made the claim that they’ve seen what could be called a “ghost”. Over the years I’ve read and heard countless variations on the stories and each time I wonder to myself, “Where are people seeing ghosts?” My question has little to…

  • A Primer
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    Phantological Investigation: A Quick Primer

    For Halloween I’ve jotted down a few notes for those of you that are interested in “ghost hunting” and perhaps have never had the opportunity. First and most importantly, have fun and be safe.The following is a quick and easy starters guide to investigations. As with any research there must be a followed method or procedure this is true as well in phantological investigations. The following tips and tricks should guarantee at least an enjoyable time. CLOTHING Always wear the appropriate clothing for whatever weather circumstances you may encounter. Be sure that jewelry is not loose and is not apt to jingle or rattle. If possible try and have two…