Paranormal Investigation

  • The Worst Paranormal Investigators : A Cautionary Tale
    6:30 PM

    The “paranormal” community, like any other loosely-knit community, has its unique difficulties. One of the biggest obstacles researchers face is information/data which is poorly researched, lazily investigated, and or sometimes outright faked. If something is seen which is unarguably fake it is of the utmost importance that it be exposed. Allowing fakery to continue not

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  • Four Old-New Ideas for Paranormal Investigations
    6:16 PM

    Over the years I’ve watched as some methods and ideas regarding the investigation of “paranormal” phenomena have risen to the top of the list while others have fallen by the wayside. A lot of the techniques employed by ghost hunters have, without a doubt, been inspired by reality television shows. There are endless experiments and

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  • Look at this!
    6:38 PM

    “Do you want to see a photo of my grandmother’s ghost?” “Do you want to see a photo proving the existence of Bigfoot?” “Do you want to see absolute evidence of real UFOs and aliens?” These questions, and ones like them, have been asked by millions of people around the world for decades. Over the

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