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  • Most Haunted Michigan 2023
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    Michigan’s Most Haunted Cities 2023

    Royal Oak, Michigan – 10/04/2023 – The wait is over for thrill-seekers and paranormal enthusiasts as Paranormal Researcher John E.L. Tenney unveils his much-anticipated list of the Annual Top Ten Haunted Cities in Michigan. From historic ghostly tales to eerie encounters, these cities promise an unforgettable journey into the realm of the weird. Each year, Mr. Tenney consults paranormal experts, historians, and residents to curate this spine-tingling list, showcasing the most haunted destinations across the Great Lakes State. This year’s compilation is filled with high-strangeness, featuring a rich tapestry of history, folklore, and unexplained mysteries. Here are the Top Ten Haunted Cities in Michigan for 2023: Whether you’re a believer…

  • Your Dream Vacation
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    Your Dream Vacation

    Over the years in a better attempt to understand what seems to be our currently shared Reality I very often try to explore a reality that seems to be only mine or at a minimum only experienced by me at some times. I am of course speaking of the world of dreams. Often during dreams, I find myself in familiar locations, and yet the environment will have a subtle, to outrageous, real-world disparity. Buildings will have fewer or more floors, houses will intermingle with other houses, and mountains or caves will appear in a variety of locations sometimes inside other known locations. One particularly interesting, to me, repeating dreamscape is…

  • Fragile Locations

    Did you ever see that? Transient Environment Phenomena

    How often do you drive the same route to work or home? How long have you lived in a certain location? Now, have you, after all that time, over months, years, even decades ever noticed a structure that you’ve never noticed before? Every year I am confronted by dozens upon dozens of individuals who swear buildings are appearing and vanishing seemingly overnight. An empty street corner sudden has become home to a fully functioning drive-thru bank or grocery store. A home, by the side of the road, that has be vacant for years suddenly isn’t there. Now, it would be easy to say that the house was demolished or that…