• The Q Files – Ultra Q
    11:03 PM

    No one could have predicted that The X-Files would have become such an ingrained part of our culture. Scary monsters, conspiracies and the evenly-paired duo of Mulder and Scully opened the locked recesses of our imaginations and turned a generation of viewers into “I-Want-To-Believers.” As new as The X-Files seemed, at the time of its

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  • Old Time Halloween Games for Finding a Lover
    11:10 PM

    Halloween is, of course, filled with bats, spiders and ghosts but it’s also filled with opportunity to find love. Most Halloween parties, of the more turn-of-the-century variety, were simply excuses for men to touch women’s arms or for women to fondle a man’s mustache, how profane. These aspects of the Halloween season have been mostly

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  • Sucker Money: An Exposé of the Psychic Racket, but not really
    2:57 PM

    In 1933 film producer and original “shockumentarian” Willis Kent set his eyes on exposing what he saw as the phoney racket of psychics. Earlier in his career Kent had made a name for himself by producing the film “The Pace that Kills” a little film about dope, heroin, cocaine addiction and prostitution. His later films

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  • New Ghostbusters just another old Ghost Breaker
    7:48 PM

    Being that I was never a fan of the original Ghostbusters I still thought I should throw my two-cents into the ever-growing nonsense about the upcoming reboot. As everyone cries about the tainting of their childhood due to the release of the new Ghostbusters movie I can only help but wonder how many ghosts from

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  • Pages of Strange: Comic Book Paranormal Researchers
    8:00 PM

    Aside from spending my whole life being interested in all and everything weird I’ve also spent as much, or even more, time with comic books. As a 9-year-old “trouble-maker” my parents once took away and burned my stack of comic books believing they were giving me nightmares. My mother can recall to you, in unending

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