The Hilarious Horror of African Horror Movie Posters

Okay, I just needed to put these somewhere because let’s admit it…these are great. Most of these horror movie posters were hand-painted on the backs of flour and grain sacks and in my opinion need to be on display in a museum somewhere. Without further ado… let’s get to these wonderful, weird, amazing, startling, horrifying and hilarious works of art.

You might find these funny but…

While you are giggling at these posters please keep in mind that all of them have either sold, or are currently on sale, for no less and $2000. So, they might look and seem silly but you probably can’t afford to buy any of them.

Not Horror Movies

I know, I know. Some of these posters aren’t horror films, but I couldn’t leave them out. Happy Halloween.

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  1. Raven Storm

    Where did you get these? These are pretty cool.


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