Most Haunted Michigan 2023
Fragile Locations,  Ghosts and Hauntings

Michigan’s Most Haunted Cities 2023

Royal Oak, Michigan – 10/04/2023 – The wait is over for thrill-seekers and paranormal enthusiasts as Paranormal Researcher John E.L. Tenney unveils his much-anticipated list of the Annual Top Ten Haunted Cities in Michigan. From historic ghostly tales to eerie encounters, these cities promise an unforgettable journey into the realm of the weird.

Each year, Mr. Tenney consults paranormal experts, historians, and residents to curate this spine-tingling list, showcasing the most haunted destinations across the Great Lakes State. This year’s compilation is filled with high-strangeness, featuring a rich tapestry of history, folklore, and unexplained mysteries.

Here are the Top Ten Haunted Cities in Michigan for 2023:

  1. Mackinaw Island – Known for its beautiful scenery and its well-recognized haunted landmarks, this city boasts a reputation for restless spirits and ghostly apparitions. Over the years Mackinaw Island has played host to multiple paranormal television shows and documentaries as well as events specifically catered to those who have an interest in experiencing ghosts and hauntings. Don’t miss the spine-chilling tours offered here by the local group Haunts of Mackinaw.
  2. Detroit – Explore the eerie tales that surround this city’s historic buildings while discovering the secrets of its spectral and sometimes occult residents. This year Detroit has also seen an increase in sightings of what many believe to be a serpentine creature, much like The Loch Ness Monster, inhabiting the Detroit River.
  3. Traverse City – Uncover the odd stories that have haunted this city for generations, from strange “phantom” sightings along West Front Street to chilling ghost stories throughout the downtown. Although reports of hauntings have fallen slightly this year Traverse City reported the most UFO sightings in the state during 2023.
  4. Mount Clemens – Dive into the paranormal history of this historic city, where haunted houses and mysterious legends abound. Keep your eyes open for a “glowing” specter wandering near the Clinton River as well as the “ghosts” that have been reported inside locations along Macomb Place Rd. in the downtown area.
  5. Bay City – Prepare to be mesmerized by the supernatural tales that have been woven into the fabric of this city’s past and don’t forget the visit the allegedly haunted U.S.S. Edson at the Saginaw Valley Naval Ship Museum.
  6. Grand Rapids – Venture into the heart of this city and perhaps even experience the hair-raising encounters that have left residents and visitors alike in awe. Watch your step on The Blue Bridge where numerous indiviuals have reported encountering a strange floating figure.
  7. Pontiac – This city’s mysterious past has given rise to an array of ghostly stories that are sure to send shivers down your spine.
  8. Ann Arbor – Discover the haunted history that lurks around every corner of this city, where the past refuses to rest in peace and college buildings are seemingly filled with spectral students.
  9. Ferndale – Delve into the unexplained mysteries and ghostly legends that continue to captivate those who dare to explore this city’s haunted sites.
  10. Kalamazoo – Close out the list with a visit to this city, where paranormal encounters and chilling tales await the bravest of souls.

Whether you’re a believer or a skeptic, these haunted cities offer a unique opportunity to delve into the unknown, embrace the spooky, and explore events that many consider supernatural. From long-standing ghostly encounters to historic sites with spine-tingling histories, there’s something for every enthusiast of the eerie.