Your Dream Vacation
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Your Dream Vacation

Over the years in a better attempt to understand what seems to be our currently shared Reality I very often try to explore a reality that seems to be only mine or at a minimum only experienced by me at some times. I am of course speaking of the world of dreams.

Often during dreams, I find myself in familiar locations, and yet the environment will have a subtle, to outrageous, real-world disparity. Buildings will have fewer or more floors, houses will intermingle with other houses, and mountains or caves will appear in a variety of locations sometimes inside other known locations.

One particularly interesting, to me, repeating dreamscape is a series of caves that lead to deeper more complex caves. I have found the entrances to these caves inside malls, behind apartment complexes, and in rural forests. Of course, the caves are not there in the waking world. How do I know they aren’t there? Because I map these dream locations and then visit them once I am awake.

Thanks to the current ability to create maps easily, I use Google Maps, as long as I can hold the general area in mind upon awakening I can jump to my computer and “drop a pin” so that I can visit the location later. Over the last decade, I have mapped about three dozen dream locations and have also visited all of them in this waking reality.

I have never found a cave, mountain, or secret dream building but I can attest to the strangeness of visiting a location familiar to dream while also wide awake. Walking through a strange neighborhood, forest, or city while actively searching for something that you have only seen in dreams can create a very woken-dreamlike experience.

It should also be noted that a few times I have sprung from bed, and placed a location on my dream map only to find that I have never been to that area and yet upon arriving at that area I have found it to be almost rememberable if not completely familiar.

So what are you waiting for? Start dreaming and start exploring.