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Mail Order Magic

Back in the 1940’s Standard O and B Supply Company, a Chicago-based distributor of Occult, astrological and African-American hoodoo material, was the go-to mail order company for all your magical and occult needs. Their Masters Occult Catalog carried everything from books like The 7 Keys of Power and The Ancient Book of Formulas to necessities like Uncrossing Powder, Black Cat Candles, and Dream Perfume.

Were you looking for a Bible with full color illustrations? They had it.
Sampson Snake Root? No problem.
David the Fearless Floor Washing Soap. Step right in.
What about a glow-in-the dark Yogee Board? $1.98 please.

Best of all you sent no money, everything was C.O.D. (cash on delivery), and satisfaction was guaranteed or your money back. Standard O & B claimed that they had never had an unsatisfied customer which must have been a testament to their Success incense and Fast Money candles.

Download the full 1944 Masters Occult catalog by clicking here.