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Can’t We All Just Take A Ride?

For whatever reasons conversations of UFOs has once again reached a fevered pitch. This has happened many times over the last 70+ years but since many people alive right now aren’t 70+ years old it seems that they are unaware of the cyclical nature of the phenomena.

No matter, here we are again

Over the last few decades one thing that has not changed in these conversations are the arguments over who is “right” and who is “wrong” in regards to how the UFO phenomena is going to evolve.

Will aliens be revealed as true?
Does the government know about UFOs?
How long has the “truth” about UFOs been kept from the public?
How will the revelations of the “truth” behind UFOs alter and shape humanity?

The questions argued are infinite and again, not all that new. But, as per usual, sides have been taken and lines have been drawn. These divisions are also used by some as an argument for or against the phenomena.

As for myself, I remain, as always, cautiously optimist.

The Truth is Argueable

I’m sure that there are many people who think I hate one group or another or one idea over another but in all honesty, there is very little I hate about anything in general. I just want people to be smarter, kinder and weirder. I don’t jump on bandwagons, but I don’t set bandwagons on fire. I mostly just try to keep myself grounded, continue to do the work I’ve done for 30+ years and hope that eventually, we’ll evolve enough to become better cosmic citizens whether or not there are aliens, ghosts or monsters.

Sure, I hate disinformation campaigns and not “really” knowing what is going on but I’m trying to get people to think beyond what many believe will be a giant information dump, (quickly or slowly) which will change the world.
I want people to think about what happens after that happens.

Which leads me to one of the BIG questions I have always wondered about…

When everybody WAS Kung-Fu fighting.

If there is an advanced extraterrestrial race(s), (off-world, multidimensional, etheric, non-temporal, etc.), whatever they are and if they are here then there is probably no way we could fight them off.

They would have the technology, as Clarke hypothesized that would be “indistinguishable from magic.” And so I wonder if we could not fight them, if they are not warlike, if they are trying as best they could to move us into a “higher” state of enlightenment or a more advanced state of evolution then…
when and if we finally get to that point are we still going to stick our fingers in our ears and say “Nah nah nah nah nah nah I was right you were wrong”?

Are we still going to argue over which people were more important in leading us in the direction of a more supreme mode of existence? I really hope not. I hope part of our “advancement” will be actually getting along.

When and if we are traveling in hyperdimensional, thought-controlled ships of light is it really going to matter who was “right” and who was “wrong” when our concepts of “right” and “wrong” have become as antiquated as a biplanes?

I do not care if I am proved right.
I do not care if I am proved wrong.

I want something magical, something that makes technologically advanced aircraft as boring as, in the overall scheme of things, it actually is…

I want people to get along and to have fun doing it.

Because if we don’t all get along then not all of us will be able to ride in those flying saucers…
and that’s no fun for anyone.

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