Recording your Dreams: Desychronized Sleep Manifestation

This article is written based upon my personal experiments and in this post, I am not going to go into, at any significant length, the problematic science behind the experiment. I am well aware of when Delta brainwaves are at their greatest amplitude and slowest frequency, (1.5 – 4 Hz), that an electric field is not electromagnetic, that crappy cassette decks can handle 12 kHz…etc. etc.
This post is about an experiment and how it seems to work and how it works best for me. I still have no great idea as to how it works as it sometimes seems to do. I can only lob this idea into the general public and hope to see if it is repeatable.


Put as simply as possible DSM, Desychronized Sleep Manifestation is recording audio and/or video which is experienced during dreaming. The imagery seen during the sleep state has been used throughout history as a means of discerning events of the past, present, and perhaps future. Psychology has also tried to divine if these images hold deeper and greater underpinnings to our everyday actions and reactions. To many, the dreaming process is simply a natural phenomenon brought about by the evolution of the brain. Whatever the thoughts of each individual might be we can conclude that dreams are as intangible or existent as much anything else in an impermanent universe.

I’ve already heard it

It will be argued by Skeptics and disbelievers, on many levels and quite rightly, that the human brain does not emit/radiate enough of any kind of information for the process of DSM to work in any significant way. These arguments also contain chains of reasoning which discuss the sensitivity/ insensitivity of the ferromagnetic properties of the recording mediums, the super-naturalness of it, etc, etc. I remain less than startled by these arguments, as I hope you will be, about how this process cannot work… when it does, hopefully, produce the desired effects.

I have no idea but I’ll try it

Whether this process works through some scientific process of which I am unaware, or a metaphysical process or magick remains unknown to me. Since the time of my original experiments, in the late 1990s, I have refined the process with increasingly beneficial effects. From 1998 through 2003 I experimented more than 30 times and only had five positive results. From 2004 to 2009 I reworked the process and had 12 positive results, again within 30 tests. From 2010 to 2015 the number of positive results in 30 trials became 13. As of this writing, I believe, with even more refinement, I will near 50% positive results.

Let the games begin: Materials

The only materials required for the DSM experiment are either, or both, a blank Low-Bias audio cassette tape/reel-to-reel tape and/or a blank VHS tape, a small magnet, (something as common as a refrigerator magnet will do), in some instances a natural sleep aid, even a nice decaffeinated tea will do, but no human-made medications.
Down the Rabbit Hole

The following eight steps are the refined process which should be used by experimenters.

  1. Attach the small magnet, scotch tape is fine, to the recording medium, (VHS tape, audio cassette). Secure the magnet to the outer shell in a position near the large amount of tape.
  2. The recording medium should be placed underneath the pillow where the sleeper most commonly rests their head during sleep.
  3. You should attempt this process no less than 10 full sleep cycles which do not require artificial alarms for waking.
  4. All of the sleep cycles are to be had while alone in bed. Animals cannot be in the bed either.
  5. Do not drink any liquids directly before bed. By directly I mean within 5-10 minutes of laying down to sleep.
  6. No drugs or alcohol before sleep. This part of the process has become one of the most difficult to perform, for other experimenters, since so many people are on prescription medications which can affect brain chemistry. Do not stop taking prescription medicines to try and perform this “wacky” experiment.
  7. All sleep cycles should occur between 10 p.m. and 8 a.m.
  8. The room in which the sleep cycles take place should be devoid of cell phones, clock radios, computers, smart TV’s, wifi/Bluetooth/cellular devices of any kind, (smart watches, dongles etc.), and no ticking clocks.
    DSM Results

After following these directions it will sometimes be found that sounds/imagery will have been recorded on the chosen medium. Since the mediums do not recognize how they are supposed to record in this event you may find that sometimes the audio will be on the VHS tape and video on the cassette tape. Recordings are usually fragmented. Sometimes recordings are backward or at odd speeds. What will be startling is that the experimenter/dreamer will be familiar with whatever is found on the recording…after all it came out of your brain.