Flying Saucers are real… again

I’ll try not to be too long-winded about this. I’ll save the in-depth, speculation and exchange for face-to-face encounters so you’ve been warned. I will discuss this with you… should we meet and you ask.

Here’s the briefest of recaps just to catch you up.

On Saturday, December 16th The New York Times revealed that the United States government had, until very recently, been investigating unidentified aerial phenomena. Along with this admission there was also the release of footage, which is said to be, of an unknown craft taken by members of the U.S. Military. There is a growing cast of characters involved including a former Senator, a well-known musician and a controversial billionaire.

The word “disclosure” has seemingly swelled to a breaking point.

Flying Saucers, so where are we now?

Let’s start, where we should, by looking simply at where we now stand.

  • We know the government has been studying the UFO phenomena
  • We have some grainy footage of an object
  • We know that some very important people are involved in researching the UFO phenomena

In the most simple of terms, this is where we stand.

Where were we before The New York Times story?

  • We knew the government had been studying the UFO phenomena
  • We had some grainy footage of objects
  • We knew that some very important people were involved in researching the UFO phenomena

In the most simple of terms, this is where we stood.

Flying Saucers, what has changed?

Not much.

UFO, Flying Saucers, Aliens = Excitement

I can understand how this is all very exciting. Indeed, I too am mostly excited by new information to research and investigate in any instance not just this one moment. Perhaps it has to do with my personal nature, the way I research, the amount of time I’ve spent researching and my own biases that make me not as excited as the general public and even some inside the loosely knit “UFO community” Take for an example this article. I waited almost a week to write it. I could have written it anytime over the last seven days but I wanted to actually watch events play out, if even for a brief moment. But I understand, some people need the “clicks” which is fine, this is who we are now.

When Air Force Captain Edward J. Ruppelt disclosed Project Sign, another government investigation into the UFO Phenomena, there was then too, in 1956, a great rush of excitement. Surely disclosure is imminent.

When Senator Gerald Ford called for investigations into the UFO sightings over Michigan in 1966 the media was whipped into a frenzy. Surely disclosure is imminent.

When the Project Blue Book was terminated in 1970 speculation began that government UFO research had moved “underground” Surely disclosure is imminent.

When the Roswell Incident (1947) hit the mainstream radar in the late 70’s and early 80’s bookstores, libraries and television were again filled with witnesses of every ilk proclaiming the final reveal of what many already knew, aliens were real. Surely disclosure is imminent.

In 1984 the MJ 12 documents burst into existence and here was finally the information everyone had been looking for. Surely disclosure is imminent.

The EPA lawsuit against Groom Lake, Area 51, in 1994 brought researchers into the forefront of the media, (although the CIA wouldn’t officially confirm the base for another 10 years) here we had proof of a secret government test site. Surely disclosure is imminent.

As the 1990’s and early 2000’s rolled by and with the release of more documents through the Freedom of Information Act we discovered that, “yes” the government had indeed continued to collect information about the UFO phenomena such as the 1976 Tehran UFO Incident. Add to this the release of information on Remote Viewing and other “Black Ops” programs and surely disclosure is imminent.

The internet, more documents, more researchers, more books, more witnesses. Surely disclosure is imminent.

Et cetera , ad nauseam , Ad infinitum.

The Phenomena and the Information

Throughout the last, almost, 30 years I have tried my best, as a researcher of strange phenomena, to champion the idea that we must not lose our heads in times of revelation. Our field of interest and study is so mired in misconceptions by the general public that although we may be excited by information we must act as its most concerned and stalwart caretakers.

I mention all of the above items not as a way to crush the dreams of “disclosure” but in the hopes that we can learn from our own mistakes. In each of those events mentioned above the “UFO community” split itself into diverse, and often, warring factions. We find those who believe what we believe and create one more subset of a subset until we are reduced to the “lone nut” that researchers are often portrayed as. I, for one am tired of it. I want the information as badly as anyone but I am often disheartened by watching the “community” rip itself into pieces over endlessly tossed crumbs from people who proclaim to “know it all.”

If there are actually off-world, interstellar, ultra-dimensional, beings of some variety who are waiting to reveal themselves to us I really do not want to wait. But this is their reveal, not ours. I have an idea that hyper-advanced extraterrestrials who traverse space and time with technology beyond our imaginings would find a way to disclose themselves without the need to cut deals with transitional governments. I like to think that real disclosure has been taking place for centuries. That when we finally know ourselves we will realize that “they” have been here all along.

Challenge your own ideas and beliefs. Think, discuss, and construct ideas with those around you, build together that which you could not have built alone. In doing so we shall, together, realize how wonderfully weird reality is. In that moment, surely disclosure will be eminent.

No matter what you do or don’t believe, get some friends, go outside and spend some time looking at the sky. Even if you don’t spot a UFO it’s nice to get out of the house and do something “weird” every once and awhile.

No one likes doing homework but it’s to the benefit of everyone interested in UFOlogy, right now, to understand a history riddled with disinformation. If you are interested then start your “Googling” and research by finding out about The Aviary and Paul Bennewitz. See if any of the names or associations you find are connected to this “new” disclosure movement.