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The Wrongness of the Wrong

As a person who has spoken and written about conspiracy theories for almost three decades I must now return once again to a topic which, it seems, sets me apart from the “louder” mouths who, it appears, do something similar to what I do.

What I do

Throughout the years I have never sought to convince anyone of any conspiracy. I have felt it more important to educate people to the wide range of ideas which in many instances include those which seem insane, outrageous, and sometimes scary. But, I have never implied that you should believe in any of them.

History is fluid, it changes according to who is writing it and who is reading it. It is by informing each other, constructing ideas with each other that we may catch a glimpse of some underpinning of reality.

Also, at the end of every lecture I give, I demand that people not believe me, that they not accept the words of someone who stands in front of them. I implore my listeners to remember that if any of the things which I’ve said sparks an interest in that person then it is up to that person to investigate, explore the possibility on their own and to engage and discuss with others of varying viewpoints.

My type of conspiracy theorizing is less popular than those which are touted and shouted from every YouTube account and poorly spelled meme.

Where we are

The internet, with all of its information, has made it possible to create less informed people.
The loud mouths win on the internet.
The memes win.
They win because they are easy. They make history and public affairs seem easy.

Once again we have reached a moment when something must be said.
I said it in 1990, 2001, 2008 and now I will say it again.

What you should now realize

Those conspiracy theorists who have terrorized you, those conspiracy theorists who have scared you into believing that the political system is rigged, that you will be thrown into FEMA camps, that your guns will be taken away, that your rights will be taken away, that the system is rigged by the bankers, the corporate elite, the media and all the other “fat cats” who rule the world…

they were wrong…again.

This is important to say now because they will soon realize they were wrong and start to move their conversations into other obfuscating directions.
They were wrong.
The system worked. Voices were heard. Votes matter. Whether you agreed with the outcome or not,
they were wrong.

They told you that you didn’t matter.
They told you that you couldn’t matter.
This election shows you that the conspiracy loud-mouths are nothing more than scared-bleating sheep who are, more often than not, wrong.

The Loudest Mouths

I very much dislike using Alex Jones’ name because I find him to be one of the worst perpetrators of this kind of trickery. In full disclosure, Alex and I were once on speaking terms in the late 1990’s but I ended that acquaintanceship when he went on his radio show during News Year’s Eve of 1999 and started announcing that the Russians had invaded Texas and that nuclear power plants around America were melting down.

Alex has always been wrong. Of course he won’t tell you that but he doesn’t need to. Look at his history. Ninety-nine percent of what he has said would happen was wrong. He is one of the loudest, most recognized personalities in the conspiracy world. This is for good reason, no one can ignore the screaming baby in a grocery store, that baby is Alex Jones and those like him.

Not only is Alex one of the most obnoxious characters in the world of conspiracies but he is truly a “character”. Alex is playing a part.

He is more a performance artist than actual politico. He is the racist-hated-filled version of the character Stephen Colbert played for 10 season on Comedy Central. He isn’t even real.

Alex can be wrong on everything he says because what he says doesn’t matter. Alex is a part played by a guy named Alex.

Alex-Anon-Wikileaks and all the other people who screamed into your face that there was no way to change an ever-corrupt, Illuminati-banker-Reptilian-Monarchy order… were and are wrong.

They will start to spin that they were the “warning voices” the ones that “woke people up” but remember they did not do anything of the sort, they were simply loud and they were simply wrong.

So remember, now, it’s easy to see, right now, and remember for tomorrow. They were wrong.

They are already trying to spin the conversations in other ways, and they will succeed.
Memes are easy.
Screaming is easy.
Don’t get me wrong

Yes, there are conspiracies.
Yes, people are trying to control you.
Yes, corporations will fuck over people and countries for money.
Yes, people are spying on you.
But the conspiracies you’ve been sold by hyperbolic-uncaring carnival barkers are made of smoke and mirrors.

This article will not be read by a great number of people because it is too long. I’m serious, people do not read articles this long so for as much as I want to write more I will not. I want someone out there to read this.

All of those conspiracy theorists that scared you.
They were wrong.

Send them on their way, that’s something easy to do too.