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    The Wrongness of the Wrong

    As a person who has spoken and written about conspiracy theories for almost three decades I must now return once again to a topic which, it seems, sets me apart from the “louder” mouths who, it appears, do something similar to what I do. What I do Throughout the years I have never sought to convince anyone of any conspiracy. I have felt it more important to educate people to the wide range of ideas which in many instances include those which seem insane, outrageous, and sometimes scary. But, I have never implied that you should believe in any of them. History is fluid, it changes according to who is…

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    If Everything That Is Living Is Alive

    Life is a precious transient mysterious wonderful experience. Anything that is alive is living and any thing living will relatively soon die. Oddly, and so far as we currently know, the seemingly endless variety of physical forms which hold life within them are in a constant state of losing the life which inhabit them. There seems to be no way of returning life to a vessel which has lost it. Each individual specimen of life is unique to the cosmos; once it is gone it can never be replaced. From tree to bacterium to non-human animal to human animal — the uniqueness and importance of each living being is not…