Thought Seeds

You were made by us? Emergents

From the Latin Emergere meaning “to bring forth,” “come forth,” “arise out of”

Lacking proper definitions and words in paranormal research has always been a hindrance to the investigators and generally interested masses. Words like “ghost”, “poltergeist”, and “apparition” are commonly used but usually only due to the lack of better descriptors. As researchers who claim to encounter entities or situations it would be of great benefit for the community to start compiling a comprehensive list of terms and their meanings and in some cases create new and more helpful words where none exist.

Creating new things… and words

The words “tulpa”, “tulku”, “sprul-pa” and even “egregore” are used in many situations which required us to speak of thought/mind manifested beings but these current terms have been found to be lacking in certain situations. The idea of another class of “thought-form” which may be encountered at allegedly haunted locations seems to be necessary.

Whereas Tulpas are usually created, on purpose, by a single person and Egergores are, mostly, created, on purpose, by groups of people; there also sometimes seems to be thought-forms created collectively, unintentionally by large groups of people. In my personal notes I’ve named this kind of entity an Emergent.

The characteristics of an Emergent are varied since they are created unknowingly. As the entity becomes aware that it exists it struggles to understand what it actually is. In many cases, it looks to the living for information and in many instances will take on the characteristics of the information given to it by those people around it. It is chameleon-like in its manifestation and is not “pretending” to be something but is learning to be something. Like any creature, it is shaped both by Nature and Nurture. Left in the dark and surrounded by fear it will become dark and fearful. Brought into the sunshine and told it is kind it will become kind and bright.

Helpful or Harmful or Neither

As a newly created being each experiencer that encounters it will affect it and the Emergent will take on the dominant properties of that experiencer. It acts very much like a child; not meaning harm but, unknowing of it’s surrounding and unaware of its own growing power and intellect is curious and will sometimes cause damage both physical and psychical.

Since it is not solely a being that exists in physical reality it will also interact with those other alledged spirits/ghosts/entities that are around it in a location. The emergent will take those characteristics on itself as well.

Hopefully Helpful

If Emergents exist they could, of course, be destroyed, but a better case scenario would be to allow it to grow and learn to be benevolent. If “taught” by open-minded, loving and caring individuals it would seem possible that Emergents might someday be able to help in our research since they are responsive to us.