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Broken But Useful

Over the years I’ve experimented with countless and seemingly endless ways to “capture” sounds and voices which in someway might be created in “another” realm. EVP and ITC experiments have and will be conducted by thousands of people around the world everyday and have been ongoing since the creation of devices able to capture sound. Although I think that what is commonly called “EVP” is in fact a multitude of various perhaps related phenomena, (Read this link), I have ideas that it is in our best interest as a community to not only try new experiments but even break some of our equipment and ideas in order to do so.

Many people, while performing experiments with analog tape recorders, argue over if the internal microphone should be used or whether an external microphone should be plugged in to lessen the sounds of the machinery of the recorder recording the sounds of itself. To that argument add those who believe that condenser microphones are better than dynamic microphones. Add to that discussion those who think digital recorders are better than analog and vice versa. These are just some common ideas and conversations that have, and will, continue to happen. And yet may I suggest breaking your equipment.

Perhaps the recorders we are using don’t need a microphone at all. Maybe in some instances sounds and voices can be precipitated onto the medium by-passing the microphones. Of course this is not a new idea, Raudive, and others, have experimented with using crystals instead of microphones. In removing the microphone from the recording device we may divine that the sounds allegedly being recorded have other means of propagation. Also, we must remember that analog and digital recorders work in very different ways so if it “works” on both of those mediums, sans microphone, we have yet another instance where what we thought of as one phenomena becomes two.

Perhaps the recorders we are using don’t need to be used…
at all!

If we do discover that voices and sounds can be recorded by-passing the microphones, on analog recorders, and are perhaps transmitted directly to the medium of the cassette, or reel-to-reel tape, than maybe, just maybe we could perform EVP sessions by setting a lone cassette on a table, by itself, and then finding upon playback sounds have been placed upon it.

Perhaps the words we are using don’t need to be used!
When was the last time you tried to conduct and EVP session while only thinking the words. If ghosts are in someway discerning our thoughts than perhaps we do not even need to speak, but to solely push our questions out of our minds and into a world wherein thoughts resonate like waves.

I have tried experiments like these with varying degrees of success, but I suggest everyone start pushing the limits of how we have limited ourselves into experimentation. Sometimes this will mean not only breaking our equipment but also the ideas and preconceived opinions we have about what we think we are doing.

As ridiculous as all of this sounds, we are in fact looking for ridiculous sounds.