Most Haunted
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The World’s Most Haunted Location

I am very frequently asked by people, “Where is the most haunted place in the world?” My answer is always the same, “If any place is haunted, it’s the Earth.”

Now, although many people think that I am trying to be funny, which I am, I am also being serious. So, let’s try a little thought experiment.

If ghosts are what people generally believe them to be, (the remaining energy/consciousness of a human being who has died), then each person could potentially become a ghost when they pass out of this realm.

I’m bad with math but I can make this easy on myself and you…so hold on.

Since human beings have been “human beings”, (we’ll just go with the genus Homo which will put us around two million years ago), estimates of population would show that approximately 75 to 105 billion humans have been born and died on planet Earth. Now, let’s say that some “ghosts” have passed on and or perhaps never became ghosts; I’ll be generous here and say that out of the 100 billion deaths 85% either never became ghosts or are ghosts that have moved into a different sphere of existence which doesn’t interact with us on Earth. That leaves us with approximately 15 billion ghosts still residing with us on this planet.

Now that we know we might have as many as 15 billion “ghostly” friends wandering around we need to look at where they could be. The total land surface area of Earth is about 57 million square miles, of which about 57% is uninhabitable leaving us with about 15 billion acres of land where people have lived and died and therefore would be places consider to be “hauntable”.

See why I was so generous by saying 85% of the ghosts are “gone”?
It makes it easy for me to do the math.

So, 15 billion ghosts divided by 15 billion acres of land equals one ghost per acre… at least.

The possibility, if ghosts are even real, is that my numbers are wildly off in either direction. If there are 30 billion ghosts then you have two spectral friends in every acre or perhaps you have hundreds or thousands jammed up in one acre but zero in the acre next door. Perhaps there are only a billion ghosts so you’d only have one ghost every quarter of a mile. Either way if ghosts are real and hanging around they are everywhere. Earth really is the most haunted place on Earth.

This idea of billions of potential ghosts doesn’t even include if animals have ghosts. If animals and insects can become ghosts then we are surrounded on all sides.

So why are people traveling all over the world to investigate ghosts?

Isn’t there at least one right next to you?

Also, if you ever feel a weird itch… spider ghosts.
Billions of spider ghosts.