A Bottle of Spirits: Space Traveling Ghosts Caught!

A Bottle of Spirits: Space Traveling Ghosts Caught!

It’s not uncommon these days for ghost-hunters to claim that they’ve communicated with denizens of the spirit world. Mostly, these communications come in the form breathy, almost indistinguishable sounds captured via a digital recording device or through a radio which has been, in some manner, broken. Yet, in 1913 two professors, Matla and Zaalberg Van Zeist believed they were in almost constant contact and communicating extensively with five ghosts which they had confined in air-tight tanks that they had constructed …with help from the ghosts themselves.

The brothers began their experiments by constructing a dial which displayed the full alphabet and had a needle which could be moved by the slightest force. They sat with a friend who was in the midst of dying and asked him to be the “messenger” between the world of the living and the afterlife. For seven nights the brothers tried to contact a spirit that could help them better understand what happens when humans die. Finally near the end of the week they received a response from a spirit claiming to be Magda Verouchine, a former Russian revolutionist. She explained to them how to better communicate with the spirit-world so that people around the world would more deeply understand that disembodied spirits did indeed exist.

She told them, “Construct a cylinder of thick glass lined inside and out with heavy lead. Place a dial on the outside similar to this one and make it so that the hand can be turned by a pin from within the cylinder. Construct the pin so that no material object can enter the cylinder by the hole through which it passes. Have the cylinder entirely closed. Then we will answer any questions you ask by means of the dial. People should thus be convinced that we really exist and are able to pass through solid objects. We are material but imperceptible to all human senses, except when we chose to manifest ourselves”

When the brothers completed building the containers they say that five spirits entered them and started communicating immediately. First they provided evidence, to prove who they had been in life, then they began answering questions about the after-life.

After a few weeks the dial on on the containers was replaced with a telegraph device so that answers could be received more rapidly. For weeks communication took place and the “spirits” answered a great number of questions about “life” after death and what the spirit-world was like. Some of the answers provided by the “spirits” were as follows…

“The soul is like a very fine gas held together by a type of electricity and can pass through all solid substances.”

“Souls are visible to one another.”

“The soul at first retains the form of the body but this becomes modified. The limbs are of no further use and the spirit takes a form like a vast amoeba, because that is best adapted for passage through space at great speed. This speed is so great that it would seem to earthly senses that the soul has the power of being everywhere at once. In reality it moves from place to place.”

“The longer a soul has left the body the less it is inclined to revisit the Earth. It becomes unable to communicate clearly with the earth dwellers. The wars, crimes and passions of Earth cause unbearable pain to its delicate organism.”

“Eventually the soul is able to leave the solar system and wander at will through all of space.”

“The soul possesses eyes . Those eyes are enormous and are able to see to the limits of the universe. They have the power of perceiving all light ultra-violet rays and are consequently able to see through solid bodies.”

The continued experiments by the brothers and all of their findings were to be published in Amsterdam in one volume in 1913. But no one must have read it because a lot of people still think ghosts are bunk.

So there you go… ghosts caught, questions answered. Now go outside and enjoy the day.

Download the original news article from 1913 here.