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Throughout history there have been those self-alleged wonder-workers who proclaim unto themselves the gifts of precognition, telepathy, clairvoyance, etc. The most well known of these are, of course, still spoken of but many of have fallen to the wayside of history either being exposed as frauds or simply vanishing into the ether from which they proclaimed their powers had been derived from. Can someone divine the future or unknown facts simply by reading an unseen energy stream which contains all information? Or are these strange messages brought by spirit beings who exist in some ethereal and timeless world? I don’t know.

What I do know is that a great many “psychics” have come and gone and that over the years many of them have been forgotten. Looking through the advertisements which these “seers” once ran in national newspapers it is hard to understand how they, with their advanced powers of perception, did not see their inevitable lapse into obscurity.


In announcing myself as a Clairvoyant of merit, with a reputation as a competent, reliable and trustworthy advisor on all affairs pertaining to the welfare of humanity. I wish to state that I have been a resident of St. Louis for the past thirty-eight years and that I am not endeavoring to gain the confidence of any one for the purpose of taking advantage of them or getting their money. I am here with a desire to help only those who honestly wish to better their condition, and are willing to employ the services of a Clairvoyant who can give a thousand times the value received I ask no one to believe what I tell them until they are thoroughly convinced that I have knowledge that required years of study and careful training to acquire. and that I have thoroughly mastered my profession by gaining every possible advantage of practical experience with the most difficult cases ever presented to a clairvoyant. My days of experimenting are over; my professional services are a boon to the ambitious, discontented and unhappy people. I will tell you anything you want to know regarding yourself, any person or anything.

If you are in trouble of any kind, discontented, unhappy or not satisfied in life, or have domestic or love or business troubles, you will be told how to overcome all trouble. ALWAYS CONSULT THE BEST.


Mrs. Lyons predicted the great floods. Acknowledged in the press and public as the greatest clairvoyant in the world. She tells names. Gives luck and will cause an immediate marriage with the one you love. If your lover, husband, wife or sweetheart has deserted you she will cause a reunion which will be happy and lasting. Mrs. Lyons protects you from accidents, disease and misfortune in business relations. She will tell you how to control and win the one you love and give you a powerful Influence over those whom you come in contact with! You win never regret it. Satisfaction Guaranteed!


The Greatest Clairvoyant and Fortune Teller THE WORLD HAS EVER KNOWN
Unites the separated, brings back the one you love, helps quickly all in trouble. Removes Evil Influences. Cures Mysterious Diseases. Gives luck and success! Send lock of hair Date of birth and 12 cents. Ask 3 questions and receive Horoscope and lucky Birthstone

Madam Davis

Born Clairvoyant and Card Reader!
Tells about business Removes Spells and Evil Influences Reunites the Separated and Gives Luck to all. No letters answered unless accompanied by stamp.

Mrs. Dr. George

This strange and wonderful woman is gradually but surely turning the tide of skepticism. Ordained to do what she does, her marvelous achievements demonstrated in our presence, while you look, listen and wonder.


Asking no questions, she tells your name in full, your occupation, whom and when you will marry.
Professional men and women are awestricken, the public in general are dumbfounded, speechless, some say miraculous. Had she been born in the time of superstition her work would have been classed little less than miracles! So positive am I of my power to tell the PAST, PRESENT and FUTURE that I will make NO CHARGE! NO CHARGE! NO CHARGE unless you find me superior to any Medium, Palmist or Clairvoyant in this city. $5000 CHALLENGE And all challenges accepted, and in return challenges the world, to any Medium, Palmist or Clairvoyant that can excel her in her marvelous revelation of one’s past, present and future. She fully appreciates the responsible position in which she has been placed and asks those who have been imposed upon, humbugged and deceived by unscrupulous, uneducated persons (who are claiming this divine gift of clairvoyancy or mediumship) not to despair, but to come and be convinced that she can help you. She has others, why not you? Endowed with her wonderful power by the Almighty, she has made it her life study, and has now reached such a highly developed condition that she can read your life like a book and give you proper advice. All business sacred and confidential.

I wonder how many of them predicted me writing this article? If only I had sent 12 cents!