Modern Magic
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The State of Modern Magic: Occult Systems & Applications

It’s more than common for people these days to speak of magic and want to practice magic and almost always they are convinced that they need to burn candles at midnight, with crystals awash in the river water cleared by a full moon. Which is fine. Ha-ha, but practical magic which is practiced everyday and in a far more subversive way, to me is much more interesting.

One of the main difficulties in discussing magic and already I have to clarify that I’m not speaking about prestidigitation, slight of hand, stage magic but the more traditional idea of magic as in spell-casting is that as ideas evolve and as our understanding of human-nature, psychology and physical sciences grow magic seems to become less magical than first thought of or, at the least, it becomes more common knowledge and seems to be, at first glance, less startling than it once was thought of.

But indeed magic, spell-casting magic of what was once understood to be of the occult variety is still very much in play and practiced all over the world by individuals, corporations, governments, et cetera ad nauseam. But, because of our modern day understanding of what the practice of magic has come to be recognized as, we overlook the fact that magic is indeed being practiced and influencing the world every day in a variety of ways.

One of the more curious aspects of modern magic and one that is often brushed off as some kind of irrational lunacy by larger audiences is the practice of magical systems in advertising. Now I’m sure some people have seen videos or read articles about the witchcraft or occult systems trying to slip messages into music recordings, a performer’s appearance at a half-time show, or symbology that a director will place in a movie. Mostly these are non-purposeful aspects which by their nature have, solely by being interesting imagery or sounds, found their way into a larger piece of artistry but in many cases these images and sounds are willful manipulation and literal crafting.

To clarify and properly express what I mean by spell-casting and other forms of magic which people have tried to use in the alleged influencing of the outside materialistic world we have to understand what that type of magic actually is and what it involves. Modern magic is no different than what we commonly refer to as ancient or traditional magic. It is in short, the usage of words and shapes, symbols and sometimes physical actions to alter by an individual, or group of individuals, to exact change in someone, something, or Reality itself. The practicing and repeated routine is found to tie into anthropological views of rituals which form a reverence and connection to the idealized state desired by the practitioner.

The argument can be made that Modern magic is no longer magic because it is so often practiced by people who in most cases do not know they are even performing a magical rite. But this has always been the case. Magic is a natural outgrowth of using language and imagery to affect change. Magic has always been practiced by those who are simply being human and going through the actions of living a normal human life. It is the purposeful the willful practice of Magic that the majority of people find most interesting.

Magical practice has become so common place and since it is literally happening so much and on such a large scale it becomes difficult to even recognize. Which is amusing because one of the most ancient occult secrets is to hide something of importance in place sight. An example of modern day magic as performed around the United States mostly by enormous groups of people happens during sporting events.

Let’s take a look at any random football game.

Two small elite groups of individuals with two different desired goals, no pun intended, are placed on a piece of ground, which in most cases has pertinent symbols or shapes placed on them. Each of these two groups have coaches, or elders who designate secret plans to disengage the secret plans of the other group and that groups elders/coaches. A time limit is set for each coordinated movement and according to the various rules/regulations the “game” begins. These games usually involve the transmission of information down a hierarchical ladder elders/ acolytes/initiates/players so that the predetermined goal can be reached.

Already we can see that not only is magic a game but conversely that games at their heart are magic. But it doesn’t stop with the players of the game. Where the folkloric/ritualistic magic comes into play is put into action by the fans/spectators.

The game begins, and almost immediately we begin to hear the chanting of a player’s name or a city’s name, a “fight song” is played. The rival factions within the crowd begin to sing and chant in unison to not only show support for the team which they believe in but, in a totally unconscious way, subtly influence how the outcome of the game will be determined. Various people are wearing lucky shirts, holding lucking talisman, saying prayers; they’ve showed up at the event after not shaving or performing some other ritual which they hope will have an influence in benefit of the group for which they feel most attached to. These people are practicing a certain level of sympathetic magic hurling prayers and curses at other individuals in the hopes of manifesting change. And indeed in some cases the “roar” of the crowd can motivate the players of the field, empowering them to a state which, alone in a field, they perhaps could not have reached.

Of course I could be just picking and choosing pertinent information to express my point but the reality is that the human brain responses to and searches for patterns. It is a pattern recognition machine and in doing so loves to interact and resolve patterns which is why certain images, sounds and the way they can be manipulated can be used in the manipulation of the brain and its inner workings.

This is of course a very low-level and as stated unconscious or natural magic which occurs normally due to the human condition.

There is of course magic usage which is done purposefully and in a way which is meant to motivate or suppress ideas or actions which is far more organized and occult-like in that it involves people who are willfully trying to gain a desired out come on a larger population who do not understand they are being practiced upon.

Again, before we proceed we must understand that Magic as it was commonly and formerly known has been made to seem useless and foolish, that magic is something uneducated and simple-minded folk practiced or believed in. Yet all of the same practices and rituals are in place today but called something different and/or recognized as a skill set or experience which has been un-associated to its magical parentage.

If I were to sit down with a small group of people and we discussed how best to influence one person, or one million people, through the use of symbols, words, tones and colors. Knowing full well we could literally make someone like something, which they had previously not liked or not known about, this would be akin to magic. It is now, in most cases more commonly know as advertising. Whether it be the power symbols or sigils, embedded into the collective minds of humanity like the Nike shwoosh or McDonald arches. We are in fact dealing with the same art once understood by the so-called common-folk as “magic”. In the past magic/advertising/spell casting/ was understood at a deep level by the educated classes of priests, scholars or holy men. They used every word, action, inaction symbol or sound to change how or why the masses felt a certain way about a certain thing. Whether it was embedding an image or icon of suffering or hope or both, into the general populations minds was a process passed down to generations of the initiated so that control could be fixed by a few over the many.

The nature of the human animal, indeed of all animals, is reactionary. Something happens and a response occurs. Magic in the form of advertising is to ensure that the response to the action is the one which is desired by those who in most cases also have done something to create the action. Make no mistake Magic is being practiced upon all of us all of the time. From the jingles we here on the radio to the imagery during commercials. No one ever asked the general public “Please freely promote our product” and yet the majority of a person’s casual wardrobe is simply a billboard for a producer or a brand.

Make no mistake the corporations of the world are spell-casting more than they ever have been. And although the genie is out of the bottle on the lower level trade-secrets of advertising, language patterns, color schemes, complimentary tones which are readily used by the general public world wide this doesn’t mean that there are not, and always will be high level Magus Negotium who are influencing you more than you could ever imagine.