Look at this!

Look at this!

“Do you want to see a photo of my grandmother’s ghost?”

“Do you want to see a photo proving the existence of Bigfoot?”

Do you want to see absolute evidence of real UFOs and aliens?”

These questions, and ones like them, have been asked by millions of people around the world for decades. Over the last twenty-five-plus years, I have been asked these questions and similar ones thousands of times… if not more. Every time I am asked a question like this I answer in what has now become a “stock” response.

“Do you want the photo to continue being what you think it is or do you want my opinion of what I think the photo might show?”

If someone wants me to look at their photo, video, listen to their recording I make them fully aware that in doing so they will be getting my opinion and thoughts regardless of how they feel.

If you think you have a photo of your grandmother’s ghost and you want it to remain a photo of your grandmother’s ghost I am probably not the person you want to ask for an opinion. If you have a photo that you think is your grandmother’s ghost and you want to know what I think about the photo, then you should ask me.

Less than two months ago a couple approached me and asked, “Do you want to see the weirdest photo ever? We took it on a vacation out of a hotel window and you can see in the distance a UFO and a time traveler”
Both he and his wife looked excited.

I told him if he wanted my opinion and ideas I would be willing to look at his photo. He responded that he definitely did want my opinion.

“This,” I said looking at the photo, “Is a picture that shows a table lamp and a person, probably your wife, behind you reflected in the window.”

They were stunned.

They started to disagree and argue with me.

“Can I see the photo again?” I asked.

They gave me the phone and I asked if I could look at the other photos before and after the “strange” one. The photo directly before the “strange” one was of the hotel room facing away from the window and toward the interior of the room. The table lamp and the wife were clearly visible and in locations that would have been reflected if the camera was facing the opposite way. I pointed this out to the couple. The wife was the first to understand…

“Oh shit,” she said, “You’re right” Then she started to explain to the husband who, eventually, realized that he had a photo of a reflection and not proof of time-traveling aliens.

This type of interaction is not uncommon.

The most anyone with a strange photo/video/recording should hope for is the agreement that it is “strange.”

The best photograph/video/recording in the world is not going to prove the existence of ghosts or monsters, fairies, elves, or aliens. They are curiosities meant to be used as a pathway to explore and construct ideas with others.

The “paranormal” community, (I’m looking at all of you including UFOers, cryptozooers, magicians and conspiracy goofs), are far too often “taken in” by people who proclaim to have definitive “proof” of something …when in fact what they have is an easily manipulated, absolutely confused, blurry, shaky, low-res, and highly questionable item which no matter how “great” will still be shot down by the cynical and skeptical.

I will, as I always have, continue to look and listen and watch people’s interesting photos, audio and videos but only when someone is willing to accept the possibility that what they think they see is not what I see and might certainly not be what they think it is supposed to be.

It really might be a photo of a UFO.

It really might be a photo of a ghost.

It really might not be a photo of something strange.

All this and I’ve only been writing about people who are making good-natured, uninformed mistakes… I haven’t even got to the hoaxers and purposely deceptive people who make everything a million times more…