Fragile Locations

Did you ever see that? Transient Environment Phenomena

How often do you drive the same route to work or home? How long have you lived in a certain location? Now, have you, after all that time, over months, years, even decades ever noticed a structure that you’ve never noticed before?

Every year I am confronted by dozens upon dozens of individuals who swear buildings are appearing and vanishing seemingly overnight. An empty street corner sudden has become home to a fully functioning drive-thru bank or grocery store. A home, by the side of the road, that has be vacant for years suddenly isn’t there. Now, it would be easy to say that the house was demolished or that the bank was built. In this day and age buildings can literally be built or crushed almost overnight. But what I am questioned, often, about seems to be something far stranger, something I’ve come to call Transient Environment Phenomena.

– A husband and wife who have grown up in a small community, attending its schools working in its civic area notice that where once there had been only a small, acre or smaller, patch of land is now a party story. The signs in the window are aged from years of sunlight, the parking lot riddled with potholes from years of use. When friends and family are confronted about the store everyone has seen it, people have gone there for years, there are even memories of the couple going there and getting cigarettes, but of course these “memories” are coming from the family and not the couple. Both agree they have never seen, noticed or visited the store before.

– A businesswoman who has driven the same road to work everyday for 10 years is shocked one morning to find that a centuries old abandoned farmhouse is now only a wheat field. At work she mentions the house to co-workers, no one remembers the house. “It has always been a farmer’s empty field” of this everyone at her office agrees, except the woman who remembers differently.

And, But, Or?

Over the last 15 years, or longer, I have been contacted with more and more frequency about T.E.P. occurring. Buildings, houses, parks, restaurants, etc. seem to vanish or appear without warning or explanation. Usually only the person who notices the change remembers that something is different. Occasionally one or two others many have a fleeting memory of “something being different” but these cases seem to be rare.

Of course the entire phenomena could simply be a mental aberration on the part of the experiencer(s). Living in the same location or traveling the same roads for a long period of time can dull the senses to changes in the environment. The mind, as we all know, can play tricks… and perhaps that is what is going on.

Or perhaps something else is happening. Is time fluid enough to dissolve and make manifest our personal shared realities? Are certain individuals jumping into alternate universes or dimensions where the differences are only ever so slight? What if “stationary” objects have an ability to manifest where they are most “needed”? My suggestion is to watch what the trees might be doing.

So, look around, pay close attention because tomorrow is a different day and the world around you is changing all the time and perhaps it’s changing more than you realize.