What Is A Virtual Hosting Agreement

C-IT does not monitor, verify or test the integrity of selected S/C/D backup files on purchased virtual servers. C-IT only delivers the S/C/D with the backup client to select the files to back up and run the daily backup process across the backup system. The backup media used by the backup system are only used for recovery on virtual servers provided by C-IT on the site; the middle cannot be allowed for S/C/D. You remain responsible for this personal data at all times, without any responsibility to Hostinger. On request and for an additional fee, the host can register domain names on behalf of the client. The host does not specify at any time that a specific domain name is available for registration. The registration and use of domain names are subject to the terms and conditions of the respective name authority. The registration contract is between the customer and the name authority. If payments for domain name records are not received, the host can cancel or keep them. The host does not guarantee that the domain name does not violate the rights of third parties. The customer is responsible for having the rights to use the domain names registered by the host and the client frees the host for any loss of any kind that the host loses in this regard. In the event of a dispute between the client and third parties over domain name rights, the host reserves the right to suspend or cancel the disputed domain names. Unless otherwise stated, the customer is fully responsible for renewing the domain name.

A website hosting contract allows your website to work, but do you know what you`re signing? It is important not to skip the fine print to understand the hosting relationship that is being created. The pros and cons of any type of hosting go beyond the scope of this article, but rest assured that, whether you sign an agreement on hosting a virtual server, a cloud hosting contract or even an agreement for hosting and maintaining websites, you need to be careful under the terms of your contract. This agreement begins at the time of entry into force and is extended for an initial period, unless it is terminated earlier in accordance with its terms (point 17). At the end of the original period, this agreement will automatically remain in force unless it is terminated in accordance with its terms (point 17) or by one of the parties after written notification of the other thirty (30) days.