What do you think of this ghost?

Although I’m not a big fan of quotes I know that people, in general, love them since they seem to not have the time to read books. Here then are five statements about paranormal research and the phenomena that it is involved with helping to uncover. It’s nice to have fun but it is more important that all people engaged in paranormal investigation/research remember how serious our work actually is.

The material within this field must be taken from the anecdotal stage to that of experimentation before it can be classified as scientific knowledge.
– J.B. Rhine

I am asking you to take seriously a branch of scientific inquiry which may have results more important than any other that is being pursued in our time
– G. Lowes Dickinson

Realising that in fact all our knowledge of the universe rests on fragmentary impressions of our senses, we must assume that we shall never fully appreciate the true reality of the cosmic structure.
– K.Raudive

To be scientific does not mean to be infallible, but it means being clear and honest, and as exact as we know how to be. In difficult investigations pioneers have always made some mistakes, they have no immediate criterion or infallible touchstone to distinguish the more true from the less true, but if they record their results with anxious care and scrupulous honesty and painstaking precision, their mistakes are only less valuable to the next generation than their partially true generalisations; and sometimes it turns out, after a century or so, that mistakes made by early pioneers were no such thorough errors as had been thought, but they had an element of truth in them all the time, as if discoverers were endowed with a kind of prophetic insight whereby they caught a glimpse of theories and truths which it would take several generations of workers to disencumber and bring clearly to light.
– Oliver Lodge

It is a scandal that a dispute as to the reality of these phenomena should still be going on, that so many competent witnesses should have declared their belief in them, that so many others should be profoundly interested in having the question determined, and yet that the educated world, as a body, should still be simply in the attitude of incredulity.
– Henry Sidgwick


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