Vincent Price Demonologist!

Vincent Price, Demonologist

vincentGreetings my Lovelies

I mean come on, Vincent Price: Witchcraft~Magic: An Adventure in Demonology, Capitol Records 1969?

Honestly, how can you go wrong with…
“The Secrets of Witchcraft & Magic Revealed by Vincent Price, Distinguished Actor & Demonologist”

I’ve zipped this double LP into 3 files but beware it’s big and might take a little time to download. It’s worth it though, come on it’s Vincent Price…Demonologist!

Vincent Price 1 Vincent Price 2 Vincent Price 3


  1. Karloff

    Vincent Price + witchcraft= Epic Halloween fun

  2. Don Frew

    ZIP file 2 is corrupted and won’t open. Can you fix it?
    Thanks for doing all of this!
    Don Frew

  3. John Tenney

    I’ll get to it this week, thanks for pointing it out!

  4. Crystal

    ZIP file #2 won’t open.

  5. vern enders

    file 2 still comes up as corrupted. thank you

  6. Andrew McKay

    These are great! Thanks for posting. I wasn’t able to open up file 2, though.

  7. John Tenney

    Zip 2 has been replaced! Thanks!

  8. John Tenney

    Zip 2 has been replaced! Thanks!

  9. John Tenney

    Zip 2 has been replaced! Thanks!

  10. Xopher_tm

    Fantastic! Thanks for your work!

  11. Karen Tyrell

    I found this album recently on YouTube Music. It’s a terrific album. It’s a treasure trove of his albums.


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