Vincent Price Demonologist!

Vincent Price, Demonologist

vincentGreetings my Lovelies

I mean come on, Vincent Price: Witchcraft~Magic: An Adventure in Demonology, Capitol Records 1969?

Honestly, how can you go wrong with…
“The Secrets of Witchcraft & Magic Revealed by Vincent Price, Distinguished Actor & Demonologist”

I’ve zipped this double LP into 3 files but beware it’s big and might take a little time to download. It’s worth it though, come on it’s Vincent Price…Demonologist!

Vincent Price 1 Vincent Price 2 Vincent Price 3


  1. Karloff

    Vincent Price + witchcraft= Epic Halloween fun

  2. Don Frew

    ZIP file 2 is corrupted and won’t open. Can you fix it?
    Thanks for doing all of this!
    Don Frew

  3. John Tenney

    I’ll get to it this week, thanks for pointing it out!