Uk Towage Agreement

(a) Clause 10 refers to “data protection legislation” (to the extent it refers to this agreement) (a) the General Data Protection Regulation (EU/2016./679) (“RGPD”) and any relevant subordinate in the United Kingdom; unless the RGPD is no longer directly applicable to the United Kingdom and (ii) legislation that succeeds the Data Protection Act 1988. “Controller” and “Personal Data” have the importance that data protection legislation attaches. The FactsThe Towage was contracted between tug owners and shipowners under standard UK conditions. The collision occurred as the vessel, a dry cargo ship, was approaching the loading terminal at Hay Point, Queensland. The KOUMALA and another tug were preparing to tow the PERNAS ARANG. A pilot was on board the vessel and ordered the tugs, and then on the harbour side of the vessel, to roll quickly to the points on the starboard side. KoUMALA crossed in front of the PERNAS ARANG, but once to starboard, it quickly turned velvet and began to blow black smoke. An air filter stuck in the starboard generator caused the tractor to lose direction and collided with the vessel. (b) for the purposes of these conditions (i) “towing,” any operation relating to the stop, slipping, moving, escorting or conducting of the tenant`s vessel must also define the terms “towing,” “towing” and “towing.” (ii) “ship”: any vessel, vessel or object of any kind, “whether it enters the usual meaning of the word “ship” that the tug intends to tow or that the tug agrees, at the express or tacit request of the tenant, to provide any service other than towing; (iii) “tender,” any vessel, vessel or object of any kind, which is not a tug, but is provided by the tug owner for tugs or other services; (iv) the term “during towing” applies to the period beginning when the tug or tender notice is able to receive orders directly from the tenant`s vessel to begin holding, pushing, pulling, moving, escorting, driving or standing on the ship or to pick ropes; wires or cables, or when the towing has been passed on or by the tug or tender, the date on which the tenant`s vessel ceases to hold, push, move, stand, stand on or drop cables or drop cables or drop, wires or lines have been run or the tow line is permanently slid, depending on when the tug or tender was safely removed from the vessel.

v) Any service of any kind to be provided by the tug, with the exception of towing, is considered to be the duration beginning when the tug or tender is physically made available to the tenant at the place designated by the tenant or, if he is on board a boat, when the tug or tender is able to obtain and immediately execute contracts to come with him and continues to the service for which the tug or tender is completed.