Top 10 Best Worst Hate Mail

Anyone who knows me knows I love hearing ideas. I love constructing and exchanging ideas with everyone since I honestly believe it is only together that we will advance as a global family. I do find it fascinating how much time and energy people put into hating things. I don’t hate anything. I don’t have the time to hate and would much rather find where we agree and communicate from that point forward. Unfortunately, some people love to hate. Here is a collection of recent “Hate Mail” I’ve received since the first airing of Ghost Stalkers. I haven’t censored the language so I apologize if your find it inappropriate. Enjoy them I do! Note: I am not offended by any of these emails; I actually really enjoy them haha!

10. Subject: Ghost Stalkers
Mr. John ELTenney I just watched the new episode of ghost stalker and whanted to know why u think u should be on a tv show!? I have been a ghost invetigator for 4 years & have been a fan of paranormal shows for more than 10 years & have seen ghosts since I was 3. How come u think u deserve to be on a show I have never heard of u. I think you are fake.

9. Subject: ur show
Dear asshole staker
get fucking real your show is a fake your evidence is fake ad your scammin people just to make $$$ get a life your show sucks you suck and your show is fake.

8. Subject: piece of shit show
John fake ghost lieri have watched a ton of paranormal and ghost shows and yours is the worst i’veever seen you sound like a robot & the other guy screams like a fucking pussy grow some balls and try and do a real ghost hunter ill take you to some places and youll see shit that will make your pirce of shit show look like a godamn vacation cruise. I couldnt watch more than the first 10 minutes of your show becauee of all the screaming and crying fuckin shut up what a waste of fuckin life.

7. Subject: FAKERS

6. Subject: You don’t know anything
Mr. Tenney as a person who has had multiple neard death experiences i died 6 times before i was 12! and as a person who communicates on a day today basis with spirits and ghosts i find your show repulsive and sickening anyone who knows anything about ghosts and spirits know that they are stuck in this world and need help moving on to the afterlife or heaven or hell and as a paranormal researcher we know our job is to help these poor lost souls but you and your pussy friend do nothing but scream and cry and do nothing to help these poor ghosts it is offensive to everyone who knows anything about paranormal research and how ghosts and angels work next time try making a show without being so uniformed and try to do some research like a real paranormal researcher.

5. Subject: None
I recently saw a article onine about you dying and what you experienced which sounds like hell. In the Bible we learn that only bad people go to hell so you must be a bad person. I don’t know why a bad person would be put on televison accept for a way to trick people into liking badness and evil. I refuse to watch your show because I think it tricks good caring God loving people into liking someone like you is obviously bad since you went to hell. I will pray for you and hope you will one day redeem your souls.

4. Subject: Ghost stalkers
This show sux! I like GA and Zach Nick Aaron who know what they are talking about.
Portholes are not a real thing. terrible show I will not watch it.

3. Subject: actors and fakes
Chad is an actor. I saw him in this cheesy movie on the Sy-Fy channel called “Rise of the Zombies. ” Ridiculous that anyone thinks he is a paranormal researcher i have no idea who the other guy is probably another actor.

2. Subject: little girls with scared vaginas
why in the world would anyone want to watch two pussys scream for an hour.  bitches you’re a couple of little girls act like men not 2 scared vaginas.

1. Subject: destination show
you and that chad guy need to fucking die again



  1. Theresia

    You haters are crazy. Need to do a little more research. They both have had near death experiences. The one guy has been doing ghost hunting for over 28 years. You go do what they do and see if you don’t get scared. They are just being real. They are trying to prove there are portals to other deminsions. GA, have pointed out portals, so has TAPS. This is a good show and makes you really question everything. The fact that the one man had a bad experience when he died, makes you really think is there a hell for real? Since he had that experience, maybe he has taken life and God more to heart and his near death experience was Gods way of letting him know he needed to change his ways. They are trying to do things a scientific as possible. Yu all say you been places, done things. I have just recently found the groups of people that do ghost hunting and such. Most are for the science of the ghost and after life. You must not have attended any of the lectures. It’s a good show and for those that know it’s not faked. We enjoy it and find the things they get great. A ghost hunt can be very boring and it takes many hours of just sitting there. Nice to see someone show their fear.

  2. Ken

    I love God and Tenney. I guess that leaves me being neutral for eternity – wondering spiritually forever. On the bright side, John and Chad may possibly investigate me during their 38th season.

  3. Russell

    John – I am sorry you have to hear such nastiness. I for one hope you don’t die again soon.

  4. Rachael Crockett

    John there are hating folks all over the place but I thought the show was innovative and you do sound like a robot but that’s an awesome thing that makes you different. FYI these haters can’t spell, bet you didn’t notice that lol. So small minds produce small viewpoints. I’m pretty sure the people that loved the show will continue watching nd that is all tht matters. ALL PUBLICITY IS GOOD PUBLICITY!!! cheers

  5. Clay Smith

    I hope these people didn’t vote today.

  6. KT

    Wow. Not only are these emails hateful, but these people have the worst spelling and grammar!
    I support Chad & John. Everyone sticking up for and bringing up Ghost Adventures, which I believe all these posters are GAC fans rearing their delusional, brain washed minds, do they not know that Nick produces this show? He has a part in it. Duh!!! Besides. Have you not all noticed that Nick has seemed to have left GAC, whether or not it’s been made public, it’s obvious. Good for him.
    Demons?! Hell?! That’s what you want to accuse John of? Perhaps you need to pay more attention to ghost adventures when you watch. You know, take in the show instead of fixating on Zak. Every episode of their show is about calling out demons, bringing out the worse there is. A few episodes ago they carelessly used a quija board to purposely call out one of the worst demons of all.
    And… For someone who is a fan of the paranormal and who’s been studying and reading on it for years before these shows started popping up, would know that John has been doing this way before any of these other shows were even thought of. If memory serves me correctly, he knew the GAC before they were publicly known to us. If anyone deserves a show, it’s John. At least he’s coming in with years of experience and knowledge. Not too mention respect for the field and the spirits he comes across.

  7. K I M

    Number 10 made me laugh.First off,how the hell can you remember anything that happened to you at age 3.I sure can’t,I only hear stories about age 3 from my mom.The second thing he expressed actually made me laugh more. “I think you are fake because I’ve never heard about you.” Bet his investigative technique is like 2 snaps in circle judgement.One snap for each of his hairy nipples.

  8. Cathi

    I really needed a laugh today! Thank you! I also realized that there is apparently a requirement for writing a hate letter – the inability to write coherently or to use correct grammar/spelling. I did not know that until today so I appreciate the education as well.

  9. demented


  10. Diana jones miller

    First of all who are they to say anything most of them cant even spell. I love the show.

  11. Julie

    Wow I laughed at all those nasty comments! Sounds like a bunch of uneducated weirdos. I honestly like this show and look forward to it. I think both John and Chad do a great job investigating, at least Chads being real and it sounds like they know their stuff.. I love how every “paranormal investigator” out there thinks they know everything there is to know about investigating and the afterlife. There’s a reason John saw what he did during his NDE and I don’t think it has anything to do with him being evil. I love this show, and I hope it continues!

  12. Todd Starks

    I was going to mention the grammar as well. Maybe they should quit watching Ghost Hauntings and go back to elementary school first.

  13. Kristin Goetz

    Yeah I give you so very much credit John to not let the haters phase you. Haters are going to do that, especially about things they usually really know little to nothing about, no matter how much they may claim to know. I love your show and totally understand the point of it. You and Chad just keep on searching for your answers, they’re out there. I am very much into and fascinated by all things paranormal, have had my own experiences, nothing negative though. I do know that Nick Groff is producing Ghost Stalkers (from what I read via Destination America couple months back) And as far as Chad goes well I keep wanting to call him Ash! Watching your last episode I believe it was The Old Taylor Hospital, this may sound silly but when you two first got into the incineration room and were talking about the ashes and how Chad felt a connection, I kept thinking of his Ash character. This may not be the place to be talking of that, but I wanted to mention it somehow. Keep the faith guys. Love your show and believe it will go places.

  14. Jodie Fraser

    “Chad is an actor. I saw him in this cheesy movie on the Sy-Fy channel called “Rise of the Zombies. ” ”

    Ronald Regan was an actor too.. 😛
    “It make sense your president is an actor, he has to look good on television” – Back to the Future

  15. David

    I love the shows concept. The show at the hospital I do question. Especially using smoke, and not measuring the wind speed in the area first. Because where there is an incinerator, there is smoke stacks. Which causes draft. Anyway, I like the show. Well put together.

  16. johnt

    Thanks for the comment. Base line readings were taken throughout the investigation; this is part of what gets edited out by the network as they think people will think it’s too boring. Also when conducting experiments with fog we seal the location for drafts, especially chimneys. Again, thank you for your comments I appreciate it.

  17. Amanda

    Seriously. I love y’all’s show. My dad and I watch it religiously. We laugh at Chad screaming all the time, but that’s because it how damn near all of these so called “paranormal researchers” that send you hate mail would do. We like it. It scares my mom, who is not at all easily spooked cause her and I both see spirits and feel them.

  18. Otto

    Dear Number Four,
    Do you have any evidence to backup your extraordinary claim that “portholes are not a real thing.” ? At first I was shocked and outraged that anyone would try and make such an outrageous claim. I’ve seen many ships, various sizes and shapes, and I’m currently studying Marine Archaeology and I’ve seen portholes throughout shipbuilding history.
    Then I realized that maybe like people like Galileo, Copernicus, Einstein, and so many scientists of the past who were ridiculed until people understood they were actually right . So, though I think I’m a pro-Porthole person from my past experience, I hope you’ll show us your proof. I’m an open-minded guy given the right proof and logic. In God we trust, all others provide data as the economist Demming said.
    I believe that with the right dedication, belief in what some might call a ridiculous theory, and work out why’s of proving it so we all understand it, then I’ll be right there with you.
    Good luck with your work in Porthole theory. Are there any research papers one might read to further understand how you came to your theory that portholes don’t in fact exist?
    Curoius…are you from a landlocked State? Perhaps you need to get out more and take an ocean cruise and film yourself trying to expand horizons and put your self out there, upfront and in person. Human flaws and all.
    Well, best wishes #4 and good luck disproving portholes.

  19. Mandy

    I love your show, people are always going to have something negative to say. Keep doing what you’re doing ????????

  20. Nicole

    WOW! Glad I’m not the only one that finds humor in destructive criticism, good for you John for putting a positive spin on it. Have these haters heard of spell check or at least reading over before submitting!

  21. Steve

    It has been said ‘Better to Remain Silent and Be Thought a Fool than to Speak and Remove All Doubt’. Although the actual quote cannot be confirmed to anyone specific there is a bible quote Proverbs 17:28: “Even a fool is thought wise if he keeps silent, and discerning if he holds his tongue.”
    I think it’s obvious that the writers of these hate mails took this simple quotation into consideration.

  22. William

    I’m sorry, I know the seriousness and emotional trauma of a NDE are life long impacting events from first hand experience and in no way agree with the criticisms and ad hominems in these. That all said, I nearly fell out of my chair laughing at number one.

  23. Bel

    Haters will be haters. I, for one, think you and Chad have an interesting show. Also, you seem like the professional kind of guy while Chad is the sort of laid-back dude (or at least he tries to be, haha). What chemistry! Looking forward to more Ghost Stalkers.

  24. Will Conkel

    The intelligence or lack of in some people always tend to amaze me. Tenney, you are the only person on the magic box that i trust to shoot us straight. All the haters mentioning GA need to read. Nick Groff is the producer of Ghost Stalkers. This is his show. Idiots will always be idiots

  25. Katja

    I can’t understand why people have to hate so much. If they don’t like Ghost Stalkers then they don’t have to watch it. I think your show it awesome and you and Chad are really brave to investigate the unknown. I don’t think I could ever do what you guys are doing. I really hope to see more Ghost Stalkers soon! Love you!

  26. Carlos (Latin Thinker...)

    Hello dear Ghost Stalkers crew!

    I come into contact with you from Portugal, one of European Union members located in the true western part of the continent, between the Atlantic Ocean and Spain.

    This is my country, a small piece of land but with a rich history with more than 900 years of existence as an independent state (officially founded in 1143).

    I must be honest with you by saying that I am not a so called “paranormal investigator”, but this is a subject that for long as called my attention to search more and more information about it.

    I’ve been looking for new ideas and viewpoints, not only here in Portugal but around the world, and I must say that my discover of your show in the internet was simply FANTASTIC, because you are currently opening – I guess – a new perspective in the study and understanding of what may stand beyond us, beyond this immediately apprehended dimension of being and acting…

    I feel THANKFUL for your project and would like to invite you to come not only to my country, but to Europe in general, in order to expose a bit more about this authentic “melting pot” of cultures, ways of thinking, history and figures throughout time and dimension.

    Do not stop with this fascinating adventure, because I think we need people like you in our world to shake consciousness and put the others also thinking and opening more their too tiny minds, or spirits, to the immensity of the universe around us…

    Best regards from Portugal and Europe!

  27. Sharon

    John is not a fake., Haters turn the channel if you don’t like it. My near death experience was just about the same. It wasnt fake. In fact there is a hospital record of it. I would have felt a fake, I did not. I did feel a lot of intelligence emancipating from John, and there was something further. Look at his eyes closely if you meet him, then look at his aura, Ive seen and heard ghosts since a child, and experienced many of the paranormal incidents. Ghosts in solid form only come to me after close lightning strikes in the ozone for about 5 seconds. Transparent ones are common. Many dreams come true, they show me the future. Paranormal activity is real, and I felt John was. I don’t remember Chad.

  28. Cynthia Faith

    In regard to the #4 letter.
    I have never been on a ship but I have faith that someday, someday, I will! On that great ship there will indeed be portholes! I will finally be free to look through them as long as I want! Yes friends I believe in portholes! Can I get a witness? (hand claps and organ music begin) Portholes children! Portholes! (dancing starts) On that ship! That great ship there are portholes! Hallelujah! Portholes! Amen!

  29. A. Heady

    portholes LOL

  30. Constance Flaherty

    The spelling alone is worth reading these emails. Please keep sharing your knowledge and point of view.

    A Fan


    The show fascinated me. I like you both. Your hate mail seems to be written by people obsessed with cats, or they are frustrated would-be gynecologists. That is the sad part. Those hatefilled people seem barely literate. Finally, J., I do not think you were in hell. Please ponder this. /|\

  32. Elizabeth K.

    Those were hysterical emails especially the bad grammar and spelling. I’m glad you don’t let it bother you. I’m not sure what #2 has against V’s but they probably don’t like him either. John, I don’t necessarily think you went to hell you seem like a nice guy. I love your show, keep looking for answers love,Liz


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