That Time I asked Bush about UFOs

As we near another election cycle I always think back to the one time I ran for Mayor of my hometown and in doing so had the opportunity to ask, then Governor, George W. Bush about releasing documents pertaining to the UFO phenomena. This is a retelling of that event with the last remaining video footage.


  1. Hugh

    HA! That is a great story.

  2. Mariam

    Fascinating. Throws a whole new light to Ufology’s most famous wnitess of all time. Which is probably the reason why researchers should try to keep tabs with wnitesses, and see how their views on life might evolve throughout the years due to their encounters with the unknown.But maybe the reason Arnold’s views are so unknown, is because they do little to help the case for nuts-and-bolts craft. It makes one wonder if another person in his position would have been able to view anything at all on that fateful day.

  3. Don Ming

    Enjoyed visiting with you at the Stanley. I found your lecture both entertaining and informative.


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