Tenney’s Weird Collective Nouns

Since childhood I have loved the concept of collective nouns. In elementary school I was excited whenever my teachers would reveal a new way for me to describe a group of animals, or for that matter people & places. We take for granted a box of crayons or a majority of people, since the terms are heard so often. What interests most people are the collective nouns for animals such as, a murder of crows, a sleuth of bears, a charm of hummingbirds, a shrewdness of apes and a pounce of cats. I am now proposing a new series of collective nouns for the paranormal community. Some of them are silly but I chalk that up to writing the list at 4am.

A Collection of Collective terms

A descent of Sea Monsters
A toe of Bigfoot or A forest of Sasquatch
A ware of Flying Saucers or A beam of UFOs
A look of Apparitions
A drink of Spirits
A dusting of Orbs
A concentration of Psychics
A heard of EVPs
A shock of EMFs
A crash of Poltergeists
A drama of Paranormal Investigators
and of course…

A fraid of Ghosts

Have anymore? Let me hear them. It can be fun…if you’re a word nerd.


  1. Mary Ann

    A shiver of cold spots
    A startle of disembodied voices
    A know of precognitions
    A repeat of residual hauntings

  2. Mary Ann

    John, you’ve opened the floodgates.

    An anticipation of investigations
    A worry of knockings
    A shuffle of footsteps
    A relief of explanations
    A disappointment of debunkers
    A comfort of guardian angels

  3. Mary Ann

    I can’t stop.

    A shriek of banshees
    A huddle of evp specialists
    A stand of gravestones
    A looming of haunted houses
    A lurking of presences
    A racket of ghost boxes
    A sparkling of shadow lasers

  4. Jimmy Doom

    A grape of Wraiths


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