The Strange Saginaw Spook House

Haunted Saginaw Spook House

In the latter-half of the 1800’s newspapers in Saginaw, Michigan began reporting stories of a house which seemed, to the citizenry, to be haunted. For years families which moved into the location were allegedly “driven” from the house by encounters with spirits that wandered the grounds and knocked on the walls. With tensions running high a solution was found. In May of 1867 the “haunted” house was rented to a deaf man. As reported in the newspapers the result would be “anxiously watched by believers in the marvelous”.

Very little is reported of the house after its new tenant took residence.

Saginaw Solved?

Haunted Saginaw WoodpeckerFive years later, in August, and presumable after renting to more people, the local newspapers reported that the case of the Saginaw Spook House had been solved. It seems that after a thorough investigation of the house it was found to contain at least one, if not an entire family, of woodpeckers.

Saginaw ReUnsolved?

 Saginaw Spook HouseOne year had passed and the house was haunted again. For several months a family who were living in the house had suspected trespassers on their property. One night, seeing someone near the front door of the house the head of the family loaded his shot gun and fired at the intruder. Concurrent with the shot the homeowner heard a moaning and ran to apprehend the suspect. Alas, and to the owner’s great surprise, the figure vanished in front of him. The family then related other strange events which had been happening in their home. Ghostly figures had been seen walking the property, knocks and rapping had been heard all over the home. The most disconcerting repeating phenomena occurred in the evening when members of the family would try to read books. While reading the lights and stove would be extinguished and in some cases while a family member would read a strange shadow would move in-between the book and the reader!

The tenants all agreed that the house was haunted and that the mysterious visitors who walked the grounds were numerous and could not be explained.

The Big Ditch Solved It

Ultimately the house and the stories of ghosts and woodpeckers was forgotten after the structure was demolished during construction of a canal. Perhaps to this day there is a soggy ghost somewhere in Saginaw looking for a home.


  1. Colleen Armes

    What happened to the woodpeckers?! I gotta know!

  2. Marilyn

    It’s so sad the house is not there any more wonder just by walking around the area were the house was if you can still get anything paranormal


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