Sober House Rental Agreement

I`m just curious. I lived in a nursing home in York, PA. I spent 19 days there. I stayed sober and I`m still sober. I had to change my insurance for York County before I started the I.O.P. and got creative help. The owner knew I didn`t have a family to help me rent. My mother left when I was 16 and my father 11 months ago. When I was the only child, I had no one who could help with the rent. I went out of rehab for 3 months, half home for 3 months, but because of the covid-19, half the house was put on Quantin. We were not allowed to work.

He completed half the house and headed for this rescue house. Trying to find work. I was told on the 19th day that I was getting fired, that I had 15 to 20 minutes to go. No, where to go. My question is the owner of the house sober by crossing our refrigerators and just throws away our food that we say for apon of their own discretion, they “got rid of scientific projects, the food that brought her home last night was my mother`s homemade macoroni and cheese for me, which made for the right to throw them food for which I paid while I was at work without any kind of communication! I don`t feel like it`s good at all! Is it legal for the owner to force you to go to Mass twice a week if it is contrary to your own religion? They also make the list, if someone falls asleep in a religious service, we are charged $20 and non-payment within a week results in the loss of housing. They also prohibit all non-Christian literatures and are not allowed to have sexual contact with anyone at any time (including time is not at home), unless they are in a heterosexual marriage. I don`t see how this is legal, it`s very homophobic and they impose their religion on me. I live in a network of apartments called The Mack House, it is a faith-based halfway house in Marysville, run by Holy Ghost Revival Ministries. Recently, our landlord announced that it will increase rent and claims, it is released from all tenant rights of the landlord, so that notification of the increase did not have to be written and delivered. What kind of citation can I look for evidence that he doesn`t have to comply with state laws? Maybe I`m a little late in the answer…