School Counselor Confidentiality Agreement

Your privacy as a student is important to us! What do they say in our school guidance centre What should I do when my district asks me to display a student`s risk in the suicide risk assessment? The role of a school counsellor in working with suicidal students is complex. You must assume your legal and ethical responsibility for students, parents/facilitators and the school district. You have a legal and caregiver`s obligation to prevent a student`s suicide and you have a responsibility to inform parents/guardians when conducting a suicide risk assessment with a student. It is impossible for a school trustee to know with certainty the risk of a student`s suicide, but in some districts it is still necessary for school trustees to document a student`s risk as low, medium or high. While it is important to follow the required district procedures, to document or tell a parent/guardian that a student has a low risk of suicide, as you do not have the opportunity to know with the assurance that this is the case. Remembe, FERPA gives parents/caregivers the right to access everything you write. Therefore, if you do not tell a parent directly that you think the child is at low risk, but indicate it in a suicide risk assessment form, the parent will continue to access this information. The best approach is to note that it is “impossible to determine” whether a child is classified as low risk in a district suicide risk assessment form. In addition, you always inform a parent/guardian that you have conducted a suicide risk assessment with a student (at each risk level) and help you obtain child psychiatry services. Your privacy as a student is important to us! In our consulting office at George White School, what is said here remains here, with the following exceptions, such as the required legal and/or ethical standards: VIRTUAL: Is it necessary to obtain the consent of legal parents/guardians for individual orientation in a virtual environment? There are challenges in obtaining parental/guardian consent in a hospital environment and are even more pronounced in a virtual context. Despite the complications of providing virtual school board services, it is important to follow the same ethical policies as you would personally.