Paranormal State: The New Class

Paranormal State: The New Class is a docudrama paranormal reality television special that will premiere on the A&E Network on November 21, 2010 – 8:30/9:30 Central. The program follows, and stars, six members of the Hoosier State Paranormal Research Team, a college student-led group, including 4 family members. The show features investigations of alleged paranormal phenomena at reportedly haunted locations. Check your TV guide for the air time in your city.

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The Cast: Christopher Lien, Savahanna Lien Wise, Nate Lien, Stephen Wise, Daniel Hendry, John Tenney

Twitter Links: @hsp_chris, @hsp_nate, @hsp_savahanna, @JohnELTenney


  1. Isaac

    That’s so awesone! They are my cousins!

  2. Lisa

    I will not be watching. Let’s stick with Mr Buell, yeah???

  3. johnt

    Who said the other team was going any place? Thanks for your support of something you obviously know nothing about! 😛

  4. alicia

    i’ll watch, but i have my doubts. spin offs are rarely as good as the original. i just hope they’re not getting rid of ryan, sergey, and crew.

  5. Morgan

    But is this a replacement? I just heard about it but I am very skeptical, what is the deal?

  6. Mandy

    Yeah, I agree. Won’t be watching unless Ryan shows up. I’ll be sticking to the real deal.

  7. LeeAnne

    Great show tonight…would like to hear more about John’s background?

  8. Mike

    Just watched the new show, and it is just as ridiculous as the original.

  9. Confused

    Watching this now, found it while bored surfing in the middle of the night. The title sequence says they’re EMT’s, and I haven’t seen anything about college students in the show so… I’m a little confused. Is this the same show?

  10. Karen

    LoL@ JohnT….. you have to admit though, we do love us some Mr. Buell….with that being said, I am always up to watch some Paranormal anything…. looking forward to watching the show that I just DVR’d this evening…. 🙂

  11. Becki

    Enjoyed every minute of it! So proud of all of you!

  12. Jamie

    I watched the show Sunday night and was impressed! I don’t recall hearing about this new show, but I’m glad I discovered it. The team comes across very sympathetic and sincere in their efforts to find out what is causing fear and disquiet in the lives of unwilling participants…great job! I found you to be comforting and comfortable in an atmosphere of unease. I will continue to watch this show! 2 thumbs up!

  13. Roseann Larranaga

    I did enjoy the show, BUT there is NO OTHER PARANORMAL STATE like the ORIGINAL! Maybe a new name folks! Of course I love the paranormal and will watch anything paranormal, but there is no other Ryan, Sergey, and Elfie!!! Miss Chip Coffy too, but love Michelle as well!! EMT Ghost Hunters HmmMMMmmm!!!!!

  14. jen

    I watched the show and I thought it was pretty good for it being a first episode.
    I look forward to seeing more!

  15. Sabrina

    I really enjoyed the episode on Sunday! I will definitely keep watching!

  16. Candace

    I’m a little confused also, I have no interest in watching Paranormal State unless Ryan and the Crew is going to on the show. I hope that they are not discontinuing the the ORIGINAL Paranormal State. That would be terrible!! The show truly draws me in and I am totally addicted to it. I don’t no why in the world they would tamper with the original show, it has done so well.

  17. Chris

    I met these guys at The Scarefest in Lexington, Ky and I really hope you guys watch the show.

    They really are the nicest bunch of kids and were just loved by everybody that met them. They at least deserve a chance.

  18. johnt

    Paranormal State: The New Class is a different show from Paranormal State. I have no knowledge of A&E discontinuing the original show. Thanks for giving the new team a chance!

  19. Sean

    Candace: Uh? So you watch the show because you are interested in the Paranormal, or because you worship Ryan?

  20. chris

    I like it. I also prefer both Paranorman States to hasselhoff. OMG get hasselhoff off. And more paranormal states please.

  21. Sapphire

    Seriously being EMT’s does not make these group of young folks closer to the paranormal aspects of life. Piggybacking off the original Paranormal State crew is like leeching off Ryan & crews success. To be honest, if you read majority feedback this Paranormal State The New Class already lost credibility trying to step into Ryan & Crews shoes by using their name to lure viewers into thinking that Ryan has a Director’s hand in their investigations or filming.

  22. johnt

    Seriously, being EMTs brings the group closer to actual situations of emotional distress and gives them the knowledge and experience of working with clients who are in a heighten state of anxiety than a lot of people currently involved with paraormal research. Also, if you read the majority of information on The New Class you would realize we, they, do not have anything to do with the name of the show. If you are upset over the name of show and have discounted an entire team simply because you don’t like the name then you’re really missing out. Thanks for you opinions we appreciate all comments, questions and creative criticism.

  23. pablo

    where is paranormal state now? no new episodes on a and e. or am i missing it? have not seen the new class neither. how many episodes so far? on a and e shows that there are still more episodes to come out for ryan’s paranormal state. was it all cancelled? where do i find the show now? either original or the new class? thank’s.

  24. johnt

    Ryan and the rest of PRS have 7 more new episodes, but I do not know when A&E will be airing them. Ryan has said on his blog that he has left Paranormal State after those episodes.

  25. eddie

    was enjoying programme but well behind series shows (from scotland) omg ” return of 6 the possesion ” cmon guys give me a break it looked like some sort bad b movie i was embarrased but couldnt stop watching to see how it would end “the video “was like armaggedon

  26. Elisebette

    don’t wish to be rude, I watch all kinds of paranormal tv. but, Paranormal state is from my school!!! keep it that way! it was penn state’s show, owned by ryan! other schools are just stealing from penn state and our alumni who did alot of work to get it done, get it aired and help people. Find a new name at least! what is every state university’s paranormal organization going to jump on this bandwagon now? Can’t leave originality alone? NO other student show is going to cut it. Ryan has connects that are in tune. and unless Ryan is forced to share Chip and the other mediums he has working with him, they don’t have a chance at succeeding unless they get Ann. Ann is the most amazing medium I’ve ever seen work , but too bad other schools. she’s already taken by a tv show! haha

  27. philip

    The real deal …. O.G.s (original ghost hunters) Ryan and crew who formed Paranormal State while enrolled at Penn State …. are no longer. Some talk about a movie but a REAL movie on the paranormal activity has been going on now for almost a year. Hence the original cast of PRS has been split up now for some time. They are all currently doing solo projects and pursuing their own goals but we know that Ryan will continue his mission seeking answers and providing help which ultimitely means we will se him soon. I just hope that its sooner than later.

  28. Sand

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