Paranormal State: The New Class – Some words to everyone

On July 7th 2009 I received an email, the subject line of which read “Producer looking for talent”. After I read the message I laughed and marked it as spam. A few hours later I looked at the email again and typed the producer’s name into Google. The first return was from IMDB and I realized that this email was not spam. I sent a reply and after two or three brief emails I was asked to drive to Indiana and meet a young team of paranormal investigators they were called Hoosier State Paranormal. It had been a month since I received the original email and I was surprised that something was actually going to happen. Being involved in the paranormal community for over 20 years I was happily accepting of my choice to simply research, investigate and lecture. Now I had been given the opportunity to teach.

Over the past 2 decades I had increased my knowledge, but after meeting the team in Indiana I realized I had lost my overwhelming passion for the topics I had loved for so long. The Hoosiers reignited that fire. Driving home after that first meeting all I could do was smile. I had made friends with some very wonderful people, people who inspired a jaded old researcher. If nothing else happened I had still come out on top of the game. Family and friends are the only thing that really matter. That saying sounds old, it is, it sounds trite, it is, but it is true, and sometimes has to be re-learned.

Things kept happening.

Before I knew it, it was today. The day a television show would air and people all around the country would have the opportunity to not only watch a new paranormal tv show but they would also have the chance to increase their circle of friends and family. We, the Hoosiers and I, have worked hard to get the word out. Many people are upset because they assume the show is one thing or another. We did not have huge budgets to promote the show we paid for everything out of our pockets. We did not have a huge community of people subscribed to mailing lists, we had friends and family. We drove to events hoping they had free food since we were using our money to pay for gas. We asked our friends to talk to their friends and spread the word. The response was amazing. 1300 friends on Facebook in 15 days. Hundreds if not thousands of “tweets” and emails. I am overwhelmed.
Driving home that day in August a year ago I knew I was on the right track because I had made new friends.
Now over a year later I look at everything everyone has done and I know we’re all on the right track because we, (Facebook friends, Twitter followers, everyone) have extended our families.

I cannot thank you enough.

Please overlook my poor grammar and punctuation errors I am writing fast and am exhausted. I know you will understand, family always does.

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