Not The End Of The World Day Party!

We have all just survived another prediction that the world will end. Looking through my files I realized that I, we, have lived through at least 9 “end of the world” scenarios. That number is probably much higher as my files are not as thorough as I’d like them to be. It seems that every few years someone predicts the end of the world, usually using some skewed math or an ancient calendar system–2012 is still a… year away. Many a self-proclaimed “visionary” have announced that they have finally pieced together the puzzle that has revealed our final day on Earth. Obviously since you are reading this, they have all been wrong.

I feel that the prophets and predictors who made their predictions of global catastrophe during the great wars had more of a claim to feel justified since there were enormous wars going on, but I digress. Manipulating words and numbers to instill fear in the population is an old trick and it will be used again. So, with that in mind let us declare Friday, October 21st 2011 the official “Not The End of The World Day.” A worldwide celebration of the normal everyday beauty of our world with no threat that some of us will be sucked into the sky while others are left to burn. A day when every person can relax and know for certain that no ancient serpent will unfurl his tail and crack the planet in half.

Obviously this celebration is non-religion specific. As a matter of fact, everyone (Catholic, Atheist, Muslim, Jew, Jedi, etc.) can come together on this day and say, “Wow, what a nice day. I’m glad the planet didn’t blow up!”

We must also recognize that it will be the last day for some people–people die every day. But the Earth will continue on even as we honor their memory. What better tribute to those who pass away than a celebration of the continuity of Earth’s life!

So please join me on 10.21.2011 in celebrating another glorious day on our wonderful little mote in the cosmic ocean. Parties should be planned since it is a Friday and the world will official not end at 5:30pm, right after most people get off work.

Also, please feel free to pass this event along to all of your friends no matter where they live, since the world won’t be ending all over the world.

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  1. magicmoonz

    Happy Not the End of The World!

    2012 – What can I say…
    Well. It mostly stems from interpretations of the Mayan Calendar.
    Problem is, it IS NOT Mayans doing the interpretations!!
    In fact, all one has to do is watch any show about it that have actual Mayan decedents on.
    They tell you: It does NOT mean the End of the world. They believe it represents a New Beginning.
    Maybe things will change, but it will NOT be the END.
    My son (17) is of Mayan decent btw. His fathers, father is in Guatemala right now. :)