Nasa Space Act Agreements

George Whitesides, CEO of Virgin Galactic, said: “We are pleased to be working with NASA on this private orbital space flight program that will allow us not only to use our space platform, but also to offer our space training infrastructure to NASA and other agencies. Based on the unparalleled level of customer commitments to space we have taken so far, we are proud to share this view in order to develop a new market for the new space economy. We want to bring the global perspective to thousands of people.┬áThe three Space Act Agreement initiatives, COTS, CSTC and CCDev, are designed to develop, develop and test design concepts, but CSEC differs from the other two initiatives because no funding is provided. CSTC agreements are merely instruments that require NASA to strengthen cooperation and provide information and other entities to private sector companies, but this obligation has no financial impact and both parties (nasa and private companies) should themselves guarantee the necessary resources to their respective parts of their activities. [11] MOJAVE, Calif.- — Virgin Galactic Holdings, Inc. (NYSE: SPCE), a vertically integrated aerospace company, today announced the signing of a space agreement with NASA`s Johnson Space Center to promote commercial participation in the International Space Station`s (ISS) orbital space station while enabling the development of a robust economy. Virgin Galactic is a vertically integrated aerospace company that is a pioneer in human space for individuals and researchers, as well as a manufacturer of advanced aerospace vehicles. With its exclusive and reusable technologies, and supported by a unique Virgin customer experience, it is developing a space system designed to provide customers with a unique, multi-day transformative experience. It is a space flight that includes views of the Earth from space and several minutes of weightlessness that will take off from the Space Station of America, New Mexico. Virgin Galactic and The Spaceship Company believe that one of the most exciting and important opportunities of our time is the commercial exploration of space and the development of technologies that will change the way we travel around the world in the future. Together, we open up access to space to change the world forever. So far, NASA has released a list of progress bricks made solely for SpaceDev[9], and the same Dream Chaser spacecraft is also one of the winners (albeit with different stages) of the CCDev 1[13] and 2 [14] Towers [14] As part of the agreement, Virgin Galactic will develop a new private orbital astronaut preparation program.

This program includes identifying candidates interested in purchasing private astronaut missions to the ISS, acquiring transportation to the ISS, orbiting resources and Earth resources. Support and coordination of the use of ISS resources will be an important area of integration necessary for any private astronaut mission. The next generation of space travellers is interested in a multitude of space experiments. Drawing on its commercial space training experience, Virgin Galactic believes it can deliver an unparalleled and personalized customer experience for orbiting space.