Michigan’s Top Ten Most Haunted Cities 2015

Citizens who are easily scared or who are fascinated by the paranormal may be wondering where they can find — or hide from — the cities in Michigan where they’re most likely to encounter ghosts and paranormal phenomena.

After losing the top spot on the list, two years ago, Detroit is back at number one.

The 2015 Top 10 Haunted Michigan Cities (2014 rankings in parentheses)

  1. Detroit (3)*
  2. Mackinac Island (1)
  3. Grand Rapids (10)
  4. Mount Clemens (9)
  5. Traverse City (8)
  6. Flint (5)
  7. Oxford/Lake Orion (7)
  8. Kalamazoo (4)
  9. Ann Arbor (6)
  10. Jackson (2)

*The five most commonly reported locations within Detroit:

    1. The Whitney
    2. Eastern Market
    3. Detroit Public Library
    4. Wayne State Campus
    5. Indian Village


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  1. john hacker

    I live in the Battle Creek area of Michigan and i can tell you right now as i lay in bed is that my father inlaws house is very much haunted. My wifes mother died in the same room we stay in and we can feel a presence here, dont know if its her, my wife says it is. Pluse weve been told that this house is built on an old Indian burial site when the indiand would camp next to the Kalamazoo River back then. I can say this its worth a shot if its something you may want to investigate.


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