John E.L. TenneyIf you would like to support me in my quest to create a weirder and perhaps more well-informed and deep-thinking world I would very much appreciate your help.

In 2016-17  I was able to host and appear at over 30 events, 15 of those had no cover charge and were free to the general public. Over the years I have tried to stick with a program of offsetting the cost of lectures and events by holding at least one free event for event I do that has a ticket price. These free events allowed over 2000 people to attend a fun, informative and sometimes “creepy” lecture for no charge.

Once again I appreciate any and all support whether it be in the form of a monetary donation or just an email that says “Thanks”.

I also use this page for those of you who have won auctions, are purchasing artwork or a contributing for some other reason.
Thank you so so much.

I truly do love all of you.

Update: 2018

Someone told me I should start a page at Patreon which allows people to donate like $1.00 a month or something. I think it’s like Kickstarter or IndieGoGo but I really don’t understand it… anyway here is the link Weird Lectures Patreon

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